Small Roof Terrace Shapes – Cozy Sitting Area And Healthy Herbs

Editor   April 28, 2014   Comments Off on Small Roof Terrace Shapes – Cozy Sitting Area And Healthy Herbs

small rooftop design plants stool

Create delicate atmosphere

On a small roof terrace accessories such as chairs, coffee table, compact Grill and vertical hanging plants to make the most of this small room. You can make the small roof terrace, by following a few steps. See our suggestions and decide.

Small roof terrace fashion – wall decoration

small rooftop design vertical hanging plants wall

To optically zoom in a small room, could be used on the wall design. The separate boards in wood frame create an artistic effect, letting you look big and open the room.

Rattan ice cooler equipped with shelves

small rooftop design Grill

If you receive guests, you can apply something like this drink stand. Above, it preserved the cold drinks, while napkins, plates and other Bar Accessories stands on the lower shelves.

Comfortable armchair in rattan covered with soft, colourful Edition and decorated

small rooftop design chair cushion

Make a compact sitting area on the small roof terrace, this way you will get more free space in the middle of the room.

Use multi function table furniture

small rooftop design table chairs

This table for two is not much. The two chairs around fit perfectly to the oval shape of the table.

Foldable table rattan

small rooftop design furniture set

If you like to plan parties outdoor and organize, you make use of such furniture, which can be easily transformed from a piece of furniture to another.

Small decorative fireplace

small rooftop design decorative fireplace

Fire pits are a main accent when it comes to landscaping and rooftop terrace. The decorative fireplaces add warmth and soft glitter without firewood.

Use charcoal grill

small rooftop figures charcoal grill

This strange, colorful charcoal grill offers space-saving fun. It is perfect for dinner preparation for two to four people…

Anyone can create a small roof terrace by he adding to sparkling glass ball

small rooftop design lighting

Festive shimmer makes each room appear bright and shiny. This blown glass lights emit a soft, environmentally-friendly light at night.

Plants grow

small rooftop design planters flowers

In your own garden on the rooftop terrace, enjoying the summer flowers. In these plastic Ego², you can plant vegetables and herbs

Floor mat on the floor

small rooftop design carpet wood Board

The synthetic carpet is the ideal way to enlarge a small rooftop terrace and cosy look.

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