Table Grill Buy: Smoke-free Grilling With The New LotusGrill

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Smoke-free grilling is a fine thing with the new LotusGrill

In the summer a cozy barbecue should not be missed of course with friends or family. Not everyone has so prudent neighbors who feel not disturbed by aromatic BBQ smoke. Those who smoke-free would like to grill on the balcony, in the garden, on the terrace, but also on the road in the park or on the beach, find a great alternative with the modern and innovative LotusGrill . This attractive grills are manufactured since 2010. The company LotusGrill operates internationally and distributes also other useful barbecue.

Table Grill: learn these smokeless charcoal grill know!

table Grill charcoal Red Lotus Grill grilling smoke-free

Grill on the balcony is no longer a problem

table Grill Charcoal Black Lotus Grill shrimp grilling smoke

What is actually in the LotusGrill?

The LotusGrill is a table Grill, which is currently available in two different sizes. These grills are presented in gaudy colours. Here, the customer has the choice between

-maize, yellow

Tangerine orange,

-bright red,


-anthracite grey

-lime green and

-Stainless steel.

In these fashionable colours, also the other Grill accessories are available.

These grills are operated with charcoal. As however the grease the Grill delights not directly on the charcoal can drip, the grill works almost smoke-free. Can this way low-fat and healthy food to be prepared.

Buy table Grill in a fresh color

table Grill charcoal colored Lotus Grill Orange

The special features of the LotusGrills

The round charcoal grill has a double-walled plastic coating in any of the above colors. This ensures that the outer shell is not hot. In this way, a greater safety when grilling is available for children. For this reason, the LotusGrill was provided with several awards. These include, for example,

-the barbecue award,.

-the design plus award and

-the red dot design award.

Meanwhile, the grill is exported worldwide since launch in more than 25 countries. It recognized the benefits of this LotusGrills even in the distant Australia. This innovative Grill at the headquarters in Limburgerhof is produced. The company houses offices, production line, design, a large storage space and a retail space on 3000 m² area.

The LotusGrill is available in 6 fashionable colors

table Grill charcoal Lotus Grill color select

Who is so randomly nearby, can pick up his LotusGrill directly from the factory. Here, about 12 employees work at the grill and its accessories. Great for example the stainless steel model of the grill has enjoys popularity, which was sold as a Special Edition with a quantity of only 2,222. Also the larger XL model is offered in addition to the basic model. The LotusGrill XL is designed even for up to 10 people and consumed only 400 g charcoal.

Smoke-free grilling is possible

table Grill charcoal Lotus Grill yellow orange meat grilling

Grilling made easy

table Grill charcoal Lotus Grill yellow orange shrimp grilling

Sparingly and odor-free – the LotusGrill

The LotusGrill operates according to the principle of Waleed. He is ready to use, secure and absolutely non-smoking only 3 minutes. Charcoal grill must be not always a dirty and sooty affair. The grill has a sophisticated fan technology, which produces a constant air flow, thereby preventing a smoke. The hot charcoal is safely housed by the closed construction. Even if the grill should fail to, no coal, embers or ashes can emerge. This safety factor in particular families with children should keep in mind.

Equipped also with a practical lid

table Grill charcoal Lotus Grill smoke-free grilling

From the outside, the LotusGrill is only lukewarm. You can wear it from one place to another easily. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the LotusGrill is also an ideal solution for a picnic, or camping. The integrated fan requires no fixed electricity and operates only on batteries. With four 1.5 V AA batteries, a term is guaranteed 24 hours. The fan at the same time also serves as a practical temperature control. Ideally, the charcoal burning paste should be fired up. The grill rack and Grill shell are also dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned.

The table Grill in XL size

table Grill Charcoal Black Lotus Grill

Accessories for the LotusGrill

Included with the grill is supplied for the next picnic also equal to a practical transport bag. In addition to various grilling Tongs in the colors of the grill, enjoy the pizza stone towers of great popularity. So anyone can bake on the road his favorite pizza. In addition, even different Grill hoods to choose available so that the LotusGrill can be used also for baking. This Grill is worth in any case a fresh idea.

Necessary accessories – bioethanol, Carrying case and Bamboo-charcoal

table Grill Charcoal Black Lotus Grill and accessories

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