Blumentopf stylishly in the scene

If you are concerned about the design of your own balcony or garden, you will, of course, first and foremost think about the flowers themselves. For hours you browse through magazines, browse the internet for pictures and matching constellations or stroll through the garden center. You pay attention to shapes, sizes and harmonious color sequences and make bedding for bed and pot for pot of small works of art. And it is only to the very end that you take a look at the latter: the flower head. Often the simplest or the cheapest is taken, because one has spent enough for the flowers. This is a pity, because a pretty pot does not have to be expensive. And even if it is not the first thing to be noticed when you look into your own green idyll, pots and their attachment contribute significantly to the beauty feeling of the whole.

Decoration of the pot

First you should consider how the flower head should look. Round or square, standing or hanging, of any kind you can make something. The color should not, of course, bite with the flowers, but underline and underline them. One can rely on classical music and take a simple but noble neutral tone such as gray, dark green or terracotta, and can rather rely on higher material or be willing to experiment and hand. Especially terracotta pots can be painted with acrylic paint or decorated with paper and fabric. If you are familiar with the decoupage technique, you will have an easy game here, but also inexperienced people should be trusted. It is not at all difficult, so that great results can be achieved already at the first attempt. Paper is trimmed, glued to the pot and then overpainted. Finished!


You can leave your imagination free. Wild patterned gift paper, napkins in quiet pastel shades or even newspapers can be used. If one is not so much with the Bastelei, one can, of course, also go back to finished pots, which optically much lower. First of all, one should think of the rattan flower pots. We hardly associate a material with heat, fresh air and recreation like rattan. The mere sight makes one breathe deeper after a stressful day and think of sea noise in the south of France.

If you already have garden furniture made of this material, appropriate pots are a nice addition. And if not, they create a Mediterranean accent, such as the Rattan flower pots by TecTake . What you should look for when buying is the quality. Above all, it should be borne in mind that natural rattan is not intended for outdoor use, since it quickly yields in the case of weather, wind and sun and can no longer be saved. Artificial polyrattan is the solution here. But even with this one should check in the shop the strength of the braid type and the absence of nails, which can cast rusty and unsightly stains.


Planter and rosebows

If the pot has been embellished, it is necessary to consider how it is to be applied. If it is a large flowerpot, the answer is clear, but there are interesting alternatives for all others. The place is one that is available to you. On a small balcony it is always a question of going up in the width instead of in the width.


Apart from the railings, one should not forget the walls on which hangers can be attached, and above all pretty plant steppes. These are made of wood, which immediately radiates warmth and comfort, or steel, which has mostly chic details, romantic details. This way you can steer the mood you want to create. If, on the other hand, you have a large garden and therefore a lot of room for maneuver, you can partly go out of the pots and access extravagant variants like a rose arch. Although it takes some time until it is completely covered with flowers, it can hardly be surpassed in effect.

Entrance to the garden

Flower pots on wall