Create A Vegetable Garden And Look Forward To A Happy Harvest On The Balcony Or Terrace

For a while, everything had been bought, which was offered in the shop. At some point, it was discovered that the little children no longer know what a cow looks like or how exactly the cherries grow and mature.

So one came up with the idea to make holidays on the farm and to show children and adults the natural course of farming life. Nowadays you can create your own vegetable garden, fast and without having to drive away. Some fruits and vegetables can be easily pulled in the flowerpot and exactly what we want to report today.

Create your own vegetable garden and slip into the skin of a farmer for a while

Create vegetable garden – these varieties are suitable for the balcony

If you want to plant your garden on the balcony, choose the sunniest spot for it. Easy-care fruits and vegetables, which do not hit deep roots and therefore do not need such large vessels, are the popular strawberries , the tomatoes and the different varieties of peppers.

Keep to the recommended times for sowing and planting and get enough light and water for your little balcony garden

We should just warn you in advance that gardening can be addictive to some extent. When one observes for the first time how the small plants develop, flower and bear fruit, one suddenly understands the world quite differently. Only then will you begin to develop your passion for the natural and experiment with ever newer and more challenging plants.

The strawberries need broad areas to grow, but to mature, only the sun comes into question

For example, if you have an old bucket that you’ve never used lately, you can get your first one Experiment with potatoes start. And you take some old potatoes, which you probably want to throw away. Then fill the bucket with soil and dig in the potatoes. Now pour them and let them germinate and grow. Do this now in the spring and just do not grasp the leaves when they come out.

You can not get a full bag of potatoes, but you always learn how to make them

Harvest your own vegetables – this feeling can not be described

Watering the plants every day and watching them change – that can only be experienced with your own senses. One calls it therapy, another – of course, we call it creative and hardworking and support every contact with nature.

Some plants need a lot of light, others less. Did you use the balcony to create the right order

When sowing fruits and vegetables, look for the right times to do so. Best of all, allow the seeds to germinate on the sill and pull hefty cuttings out of them. These have better chances of survival in the garden or anywhere else under the open sky.

By recycling crafts you can also come to many practical and useful ideas and projects

Find out which plant needs lots of light and water and ensure optimal conditions in your vegetable garden.

Sometimes you are allowed to play something crazy and force the plants to ripen. The strawberries, for example, can hang and get a lot more sunbeams instead of being picked from the earth as their name suggests.

Whether you are growing tomatoes, potatoes, beans or zucchinis, do not be surprised if they are so big. If you are lucky enough to finally be happy about your harvest, maybe it will just fill your palm. For this you will taste the natural taste of a freshly picked fruit that did not use chemicals.

Start with something simple, such as cut and garlic, watercress or corn salad and after all the hard work, the sense of achievement will come guaranteed.