Hanging Plants For Balcony – Which Plants Are On The Balcony To Hang

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plants hanging balcony exterior decorating plants

Hanging plants balcony – tips on which plants you can choose for your balcony

Beautiful plants always enchanted us. Something every fan of plants is a special value is to replant the balcony.  The hanging plants, called the still light plants, can be seen on almost every balcony. Do you like the flowers? Then is to pour what on your balcony and look at it with fascination? And have you managed to hang flowers get for your balcony? If not, may get the urge to do it already!

Fuchsias in beautiful shades

plants hanging balcony pink Fuchsia balcony plants

Hanging plants are always a looker

plants hanging balcony beautiful decorative plants

The summer colors evoke fascination of always. If one has a balcony, you can catch him this and create a beautiful colored place there. Geraniums, Fuchsias and Petuinien are perfect. Placed in flower baskets or flower pots, they fulfill the role of beautiful Balkondeko.

Petunia to ensure a fresh air on your balcony

balcony decorating beautiful petunias of cool flower pot

The Fuchsias are an excellent choice for your Balkondeko

plants hanging balcony Fuchsia decorating balcony

In the summer, the moments in the open air are a real treat. If you have no garden, can enjoy his leisure time on the balcony. Hanging plants Balconies are always welcome. The reasons which we claim this are several. First, they save space. That is a huge advantage for small surfaces, because the space there is never sufficient. And if you don’t want to do without balcony plants, hanging plants help then.

By hanging plants can be beautiful accents

plants hanging balcony beautiful flower baskets flowers

Stylish decoration for the balcony

hanging plants balcony beautiful decorating

In most cases, you can create any perfect balcony design by accessories. What is a balcony without flowers? A unbepflanzter balcony missed but his plants!  The question is how to best positioned them. The flower pots should be yes no obstacles, to move freely on the balcony. Especially on small balconies! With limited space, it is not a good idea to make the flower boxes on the ground, because it narrows the area in this way. The best thing you can do in such cases is to leave the flowers…

Many people rely on Geraniums

plants hanging balcony geranium red exterior design

Many times it happens that you want to so many plants on his balcony, the ground is not enough. What it would be? Take advantage of the air! Many hanging flowers bloom all summer long. Of course, you should reconsider well whether his balcony is suitable for hanging plants. If it is too generous on the balcony, you should rather forgo such a Balkondeko. In addition, you should beware, if your balcony is sunny or shady, and accordingly select the plants that can thrive on this.

Fresh purple petunias

plants hanging balcony purple Petunia

The blue flower of the fan is suitable also as a hanging plant for the balcony

plants hanging balcony blue fan flower Scaevola Aemul

This decoration with hanging plants is not only as practical, but also as stylish. So you can be alive come the balcony, rather than to arrange the flower pots on the ground or on the railing. And the balcony looks more interesting and unique. Create a unique paradise of colours and scents!

Decorate the balconies with hanging plants

balcony decoration hanging plants swing wood

A pleasure for the eyes

plants hanging balcony Petunia coloured fresh

Under the white petunias, some in purple are to find

balcony decoration hanging plants petunias

Combine different balcony plants

balcony decoration hanging plants combining colored flowers

So, your decoration is charming

plants hanging balcony different flowers combine

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