Lavender In The Pot – Care Tips And Important Facts

It can not be that there are people who can not recognize the lavender plant. The lavender flowers just in full splendor and enchants all passers-by with its floral scents. Some may only know the lavender from the world-famous paintings from Provence, but even these help one to be able to recognize that particular plant again. Today we want to talk about lavender in the pot, what kind of Apartment as a houseplant or even beautiful balcony plant can be useful. Since lavender is relatively easy to care for and so pretty, many designers take to the plant when it comes to natural decoration of shops or cafes. We often see the lavender plant in relation to modern interiors and we will soon learn the reasons for it.

Lavender in the pot attracts bees and butterflies and at the same time serves as a natural decoration

Maintain and multiply lavender in the pot

Originally, the lavender comes from the Mediterranean and so, as you can see, the plant is doing pretty well here in the north as well. And the secret of how the plant came to us is in the technique of propagation. For propagation by cuttings, the spring months are very favorable and the plants do not need to hibernate.

But if you would like to do this now to give someone a nice lavender plant or because you would like lavender in the backyard, nobody can stop you. In addition, some gardeners prefer to cut a second time after the first flowering. You could still be lucky and see the plant blooming twice this season.

The scent of lavender soothes and dispels dark thoughts

Cut the plants and free the lower part of the leaves. So they are pressed directly into the ground and eventually hit the first roots by itself.

Never place the lavender next to roses, because roses can only tolerate a few plants. The lavender also needs sun and a nutritious soil.

A few drops of lavender oil cause a noticeable change

Use the healing power of lavender all year long

Except that you can decorate and decorate beautifully with lavender, the scented plant is considered a natural remedy.

The lavender improves the mood and works well against occurring depression. It can be used as a plant or as pure oil and calms the mind. In rare cases, lavender is also used for culinary purposes.

Pure and applied directly to the skin, the lavender can combat acne and heal insect bites

Even as a fresh drink, lavender can quickly cheer up your mind

The plant is also magnificent when looking at it

It is said that bladder problems with lavender can also be reduced

It is really surprising, but the Lavender flowers can be applied directly to burns and insect bites. Badly healing wounds and acne have no chance against the soothing lavender essential oil. And if you are looking for a good quality oil, prepare prefer it yourself ,

Increase lavender and create your own Provence in the garden

A bridal bouquet can only consist of lavender

As a pure decoration of lavender can also provide a general improvement of the interior

Also in the garden you can have lavender in the pot near it

Beautiful and natural table decoration can also be achieved by lavender

Stop for a moment and contemplate this natural beauty

From the pot to the field and then it can happen quickly that the bees make delicious honey from it

Wellness should treat you from time to time – of course, with lavender

Every garden looks purely noble through the magnificent lavender plants

Lavender and roses should grow at a distance

Let the kids know what’s growing in your garden

You can prepare natural soap yourself and also relatively quickly