Planting Balconies: These Tips Will Save You From Disappointment

When you plant your balcony, you have to consider a lot of different circumstances. It’s not much easier than building a small garden. In some ways, it may even be more complicated. If you dig through the variety of information on the Internet, you can easily lose the thread and finally ignore essential aspects by mistake! That’s exactly what we want to avoid with the following post. There are some basic rules of selection and care, and if you keep them, you will protect yourself from major mistakes! Learn more about the stylistic aspects of the balcony garden here ,

Choose plants that suit your balcony

Beautify balcony planting prospect

In which direction is the balcony?

When you plant the balcony, it makes a huge difference to which direction he looks. Every position has its advantages and disadvantages, and if you know them exactly, you will avoid bigger mistakes! For example, Your south balcony gets a lot of light and if it is glazed, many plants can probably survive even in winter.

However, in the summer you often need a sunscreen, so that not everything burns. Logically, it looks exactly the other way round on the north balcony.
On east and west balconies moderate conditions and a pronounced midday sun prevail. For many plant species that thrive in partial shade, such circumstances are the best.

The balcony planting does not always need a lot of space

Carefully choose the varieties with which you plant your balcony

The selection of balcony plants is the next decisive aspect. The first criterion should be the balcony location again. There are types of plants that basically grow better on a south, north, east or west balcony. This has to do with the lighting conditions. An overview of this topic you get in the following article on our website ,

The other criterion for the selection of balcony plants is the nature and quantity of the earth They need for their development. The specialists recommend choosing substrate. In this fertilizer and water are very well received. The excess amounts of it are kept and if needed the plant can access it again and again. There are certain types, like the gardenias that you can buy in the market in good quality. These are considered as one year old, but can actually thrive well for several years and overwinter in the basement. This is one of the many easy-care examples that provide lavish splendor on the balcony. The selection of plants also includes the competence to distinguish them from the others with good quality. Rotten roots or withered leaves are clearly not a good sign! Learn more about this topic here ,

Choose easy care plants!

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Flower vessels and the distribution of plants in these

The small garden on the balcony is of course dependent on flower pots. These must be characterized by a symbiosis of beautiful aesthetics and practical benefits. If you want to save space, you may want to choose those for the balcony railing or hanging staff. Some can also be attached to the wall.
Heavy and larger flower pots would be more appropriate if you are lying on the floor. You can take larger flowerpots and plant several plants there. Alternatively, you can design your balcony with small flowerpots. Here again, it depends heavily on what flowers are used there and whether they can tolerate and develop well next to each other on a small area. For the latter to work well, they must have roughly the same demands for water and sun, and their root systems must not condition each other.

An example of successful balcony planting on a shady side

Balcony plants with subtle plant accents

And a few more care tips

We conclude the topic with some care tips”to take away”. Of course you have to water the plants properly and this in line with the appropriate balcony location. Of course you need more water in the summer, but you should not pour in the hottest hours. Do this rather sparingly, in the right dimensions in the early morning or late afternoon hours. The investment in a special watering can, which facilitates the dosage of water, is well worth it. There are also appropriate fertilizers and specifics for each plant variety that you should note down and stick to!

With climbing plants you can also make beautiful the balcony

In the good planting, it depends largely on the right flowerpots

Plant balcony with great purple plants

Plant the balcony with easy-care plants

Plant balcony and provide privacy

Even larger plants could develop successfully with good care

Balcony plant yellow and green

The balcony planting can be part of the wall design

Balcony plant hanging planters and wall decoration

Large planters are often a very practical solution

Gardening different spring and summer flowers flower box and gardening tools potting model release

Spread rural flair with suitable plants

Balconies plant soft contrasts
Plant the balcony and create a great floor design
plant elegant raised beds on the balcony
Plant wood and green plants on the balcony
Plant the balcony in an expository style

Raised beds are often the best option for balcony planting

small table on the wall planting the balcony
Nocturnal paradise planting the balcony
Modern Decoration Balcony Decor Plant And Great Balcony Decorate With Plants Stunning Balcony Tile Patio Furniture
plant lush perennials on the balcony

Balcony plant rural and noble

Also pay attention to the decorative effect of the pots

Planting a balcony with planters Coloring
Balcony planting Pfölanzer ideas
Plant the lawn
Balcony plant vertical wall design
Bollard decorate railings

Vertical design with plants – certainly a great option for the balcony planting

Balconies plant great ideas
Enrich the building picture Plant the balcony
Red and green contrasts plant the balcony

These flower pots can easily be moved inwards and / or outwards

great floor design planting the balcony
vertical ideas plant balcony