Vertical garden guide – still a DIY project from pallets

Build vertical garden yourself

On Vertical garden On the balcony, in the garden or even in the living room can refresh and refresh the atmosphere. Furthermore, a green oasis needs little space. This is placed vertically and can also serve as a living wall decoration. These are enough reasons to create a vertical garden. And that is, in fact, not very difficult and definitely worth the effort.

Stay tuned to find out how easy this DIY project can be done…

Vertical garden – a simple DIY project from Europaletten

Vertical Garden Guidance Outdoor Furniture Garden furniture made of pallets

The Vertical greenery Has long been a trend and is also current this season. That is why we would like to propose you a DIY idea that you could realize quickly.

For this you need the following materials:

♦ a wooden pallet

♦ Garden foil

♦ Tacker and scissors

♦ Sacking

♦ soil and fertilizer

♦ Plant seeds

Necessary materials for the project”DIY vertical garden”

Vertical garden instructions from pallets materials vertical greenery

Step 1

Firstly, you should attach the sack to the inner side of the wooden pallet with the stapler.

step 2

Then you should refer to the pallet with the garden foil (as shown below). One side (top) leaves open to fill the pallet later with soil and fertilizer.

Secure the garden foil to the Europalette

Vertical garden self build guide Europalette

step 3

Fill the pallet with soil and fertilizer through the opening.

You will need a few packs of composter

Vertical garden making guide Earth and Europalette

Step 4

Now you should plant the seeds. The goal is to make small holes in the sack.

Vertical gardening made easy

Vertical garden make building instructions vertical greenery

You can build a vertical garden even more easily by missing the first step and using no sacking. How it works…

Vertical garden in 4 simple steps

DIY projects vertical garden self making guide

To achieve a quick effect, you can plant young plants instead of seeds.

You can also add a herb garden

Vertical garden self making guide vertical greenery DIY ideas

Plants that are suitable for a vertical garden are, for example, herbs such as thyme, mint and others, as well as succulents, various cacti, moss, small flowering plants and even strawberries.

Original herb garden hung on the wall

Vertical garden instruction from pallets vertical greenery wall decoration

Note that this simple design does not have a drainage system. This means that the earth will always be moist at the bottom. And that is why plants that tolerate moisture are very suitable for the lower rows of the vertical garden.

Build vertical garden yourself – Be patient and enjoy the end result!

Vertical garden guide DIY project from pallets vertical greenery

Our tip: For the first 2-3 weeks, the pallet should be placed horizontally. When the plants grow out, you can place the palette vertically or hang up.

Further ideas for a vertical garden with Europaletten

Vertical garden guide pallets wall decoration vertical greenery

Beautiful view in the garden

Vertical garden guidance DIY projects Europaletten Möbel vertical greenery

DIY vertical garden on the balcony

Vertical garden manual garden furniture from pallets DIY projects vertical greenery

Vertical gardening make manual vertical greening DIY projects


Vertical gardening instructions Pallet gardening plants Succulent plants

Joy for the eye

Vertical garden guide garden furniture from pallets vertical greenery

Vertical garden guidance pallet furniture vertical greenery

You can also plant tomatoes

Vertical garden guidance pallets vertical greenery

Lush green plants

Vertical garden guidance vertical greenery

Green decoration also on little place

Vertical garden self making guide vertical greenery

Flowering plants bring color to your balcony

Vertical garden guidance vertical greenery on the balcony

Vertical vegetation

Vertical garden of pallets vertical greenery