Decorate Yourself From Tennis Racquets And Tennis Balls

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Homemade decoration and furniture are always an original solution for the apartment. Especially when these From unusual objects Are made! And tennis rackets are definitely striking! What can be made of a tennis racket? Here is the answer: excellent decoration for interior and exterior, as well as practical furniture pieces.

Tennis rackets and even use them as a decoration

Deco itself make fancy wall decoration from tennis racquets

Do you like tennis? And do you play yourself? Then you could transfer this hobby into the interior design. Also for the garden it is quite time, Beautiful decoration itself . Use the tennis as inspiration! There is not much you need: a few tennis rackets and tennis balls and inspiration. Let’s see what you can do it!

Hang and decorate a tennis racket in the nursery

Deco itself make tennis rackets hang as decoration

Eye-catching wall decoration for the apartment

It is not necessary to use a lot of money in a beautiful wall design, so that your walls captivate the view. You can also take care of the cool look of the walls. With a creative arrangement of a few tennis racquets you reach a wall design to admire!

Creative wall decoration with old tennis racquets

Tennis rackets as flower containers

Diy deco tennis rackets decorate with flowers

Make art from old tennis racquets

Tennis rackets could also serve as the basis for wonderful art. You can create unusual works of art. This is also proved by works by artists such as Danielle Clough . You can also make tennis racquets also vintage and bring a fresh breath into the apartment!

Artistic Bastelideen with tennis racquets

Unusual idea, what one can make from an old tennis racket

Diy deko rabe on tennis racket danielle clough

Inspiration from the artists

Diy deko tennis racket with petunia from faden danielle clough

Tennis racquets are perfect for displaying flowers

Diy deko tennis racket as a work of art danielle clough

Lovely DIY idea if you like to sew

Diy deko tennis racquets use to sew danielle clough

Create charming vintage decoration

Deco himself make vintage deco with tennis rackets

Wall mirrors made of tennis bats

Mirrors are a magnificent wall decoration. They give the room a stylish touch. However, wall mirrors can also have an extravagant look. At least if these are made of tennis racquets…

Yes exactly! – Tennis rackets can assume the role of a wall mirror

Deco self-made wall-mounted mirrors made of tennis racquets

Enhance the space through unusual wall decorations

Diy decorate children's rooms with tennis courts

Untypical plant containers can also be built from tennis racquets

Tennis rackets are also suitable for crafting planters. A functional plant container can be made of some tennis racquets and it will surely appear as an eye-catcher in the interior!

Planter made of recycled objects

Furniture diy furniture diy furniture

Creative decoration for the garden

The garden gives a huge free space for any DIY projects. Tennis rackets and tennis balls could also be part of the garden decoration.

Find a suitable occasion and make the mood with tennis balls serene

Diy decoration with tennis balls gardenparty ideas with tennis balls

Fresh ideas on how to care for succulents

Diy deco for the garden with tennis balls

Decoration with tennis balls

Tennis balls are an unusual decoration for inside and outside. If you use your creativity, you create enviable decoration. They could make the hallway and the workplace more functional by means of tennis balls, since these can serve as a kind of space. Also the garden party could spice you through such a decoration.

Funny idea how to re-use practically any tennis balls

Deko making of tennis balls which is also functional

Great idea for the home office!

Diy deco with tennis balls for the wall

Work together with the children

Deko make your own from tennis balls

Do not these decovals look cool?

Diy deco with tennis balls dekovasen

Make a Christmas wreath from tennis balls

Diy deco for the entrance with tennis balls

Practical ideas with tennis racquets

Tennis racquets are multifunctional, as it is in fact. You can easily make a corkboard or a cool storage room for your own jewelry. Just think quickly: Why do you really need the old tennis rackets?

Deko self-made from tennis racquets beautiful wanndeko tinker
Furniture build functional storage basket with tennis rackets
Deko make yourself and tennis rackets as storage for jewelery use
Diy deco from old tennis racquets walldkeo tinker
Diy deco box made from tennis rackets
Diy deco tennis rackets decorate for the autumn
To build oneself
Deco self-made wall decoration self-made from tennis racquets
Deko make for christmas from tennis balls
Diy deco from tennis racquets colored threads
Diy deco from old tennis racquets sewing colored hearts
Deco self making kranz from tennis balls tinker
Diy ideas from tennis balls for keeping sweets

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