Jewelery Making – 5 Homemade Jewelery That Captivate The Eye

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Jewelery is the last detail in the outfit and you put a huge importance on the fact that this looks the look nicely. Every season, every trend changes with jewelery, but the good thing is that you can make your jewelry individually. Just keep up with the trends! Collecting ideas in advance is a must! A detailed description of the individual steps as well! Luckily, thanks to beautiful instructions, beginners can create original jewelry accessories. These models could serve as inspiration for a very individual project. There will be no limits for hobby artists! Just let your creativity run wild!

Jewelery making

Did you like a nice necklace in the shop? But their color does not fit into the actual outfit? Even tinkering could help in this case… One gets then the jewel in the desired color and form. You have the freedom to experiment: crochet, knitwear or thread-making – it’s a matter of taste!

Find a suitable material for your own project

If you want to make jewelry, you do not just need ideas. Matching accessories are just as popular. Untypical materials are also suitable for this purpose. Paper, textile, plastic, leather, beads, wires, ribbons, semi-precious and precious stones, gold and silver elements, rhinestones and metal elements are available to create unusual creatures. In order to realize his creative projects, one has to choose among beads of glass, wood, acrylic, etc., seed beads, beads, glass beads and crystal beads.

Jewelery making diy bracelet from safety needles

Without the necessary tools it is not!

Even tinkered jewelery fascinates by being unique in itself. Hardly a one-to-one coincidence is possible. Self-made bracelets and necklaces can be funny or elegant, striking or charming. However, you should possess certain craftsmanship! And deal with fine tool.

On the Internet, it is full of ideas on how to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings and whatever else. But some of the most valuable ideas have been collected in the following. Do you want to master these techniques? Then follow the instructions and who knows: Perhaps one day you will even make your own jewelery! Or is Schmuckbasteln your hobby? Then we introduce you to some inspiring ideas! Enjoy this!

Diy ideas jewelry self making ring yourself

Braided glass beads necklace

This is a classic necklace that fits perfectly to an elegant outfit. You need:

  • A lot of glass beads
  • a chain
  • 2 binders
  • Strong thread
  • A pair of scissors and tongs

Jewelery making original necklace in fresh color

How to craft a braided necklace of glass beads step by step, you can see below.

Security needle bracelet with glass beads

What do you need:

  • Safety needles
  • Glass beads
  • thread

Jewelery tapestry bracelet from safety needles

Making the bracelet step by step:

Slices necklace

Homemade necklaces can look much more interesting than the usual ones. It is much more exciting to make a necklace of slices!

What do you need:

  • a pincer
  • 10 discs with a width of 10 mm
  • 12 binders with a width of 10mm
  • Chain
  • Nail polish if you want to color the slices

Jewelry making necklaces self made from discs

If you make the necklace:

  • Color the discs with the nail polish
  • Let them dry
  • Connect the washers together using the binder rings
  • Attach the discs to the chain
  • You could also wear the necklace on either side

Jewelry reusable discs reuse

Elegant ring made of wire

You can make beautiful rings by wire. Let’s see how it goes!

Leather triangle earrings

Geometrical forms are currently particularly trendy and also appear as fashionable elements in jewelery.

How to craft triangle Earrings:

  • Old piece of leather
  • Measure a few triangles of the same size
  • Cut the triangle with a sharp knife
  • Paint these with two thin layers of color
  • You can use several colors
  • Glue a few triangles together and let them dry
  • Make small holes at the top of the triangle with the knife and add the wire with a bindering

Jewelery tinkers leather earrings in fresh colors

Design your own jewelery and realize your ideas. Only some skill is necessary! And consistency, of course! Then enjoy your own creations! Surprise the others!

Jewelery making necklace from glass beads

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