Windlichtter Tinker And Come On Good Thoughts

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Wind light candles

Windlichtter basteln – who is there?

Windlight craftsmanship is a more important competency than most people can imagine. Because windmills bring much more joy into our everyday life than many other objects that could be made.

In addition to the practical function, which is clear for all, there is also the high decorative value.

It can serve both the everyday life and the many different festive occasions.

We will now offer you some topics that you could possibly use as ideas.

Wind lights spread a joyous mood and that is clear

Windmill basalt figures

The shears cut is a very popular handicraft technique for young and old

Wind light

The thematic wind lights are particularly popular with garden parties

Windlichter basteln water shell

Summer, sea and beach

Let’s stay with the season, in which we are anyway. Through the Windlichter crafting you can now materialize your dream of sea and sun. This topic is almost the easiest of all! You just need a nice glass and then fill it with everything you can think of.

Sand, shells, and then a tealight – is this not a realized dream and could not this be the best memory of the summer?

From simple materials, such as gauze bandages, you can make funny mummies

Windmill tinker hospital

Prefer the felt and use a lot of hobbyists

Windmill tinker owl

The easiest way is to crepe the crepe paper and wrap empty glasses

Windmill craft paper

Flowers and leaves

Windlichter crafting is also wonderful with flowers. You will also find several Tutorial posts in the web. You could master every new season.

Also every new month actually! Just look for the flowers that are specific to it.

Here we find the ideas especially great, with which the Vegetable decoration Not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

Create your very personal windlight if you can crochet well

Windlichter tinker crochet

Through the tufted wind lights you emphasize the seasonal atmosphere

Windmill tinker autumn leaf

Graphic elements make the crafting more modern and stylish

Wind lights

Autumn leaves

We have just written of the seasonal decoration with plants. One of these ideas requires a great deal of attention. This is the autumn theme. This is getting closer and closer and will soon be very up-to-date. For this you need almost only a few autumn leaves and inside the glass a light.

The first element should be wrapped around the glass for safety. Inside, besides the light, there are small”gifts”of nature, which are typical for this season. Please, however, be aware that these do not cause a fire hazard.

Crafts you can practically from much, which collects with the time in the apartment

Wind light

The basis are tealights and old preserving jars, which are always available in most cases

Windmill tinker beach motif

Colorful decoration stones, string or simply a loop give an original result

Windmill tinker water stones

If you make such windmills, you should also think of the appropriate context. You can distribute them on a shelf, a tablecloth, or other area, on which also autumn leaves and other gifts of nature from this season.

With children, especially during the pre-Christmas period, is a lot of fun

Windlichtter tinker with children

When you get your imagination running, you can surely find a lot of matching materials, which you can tinker with

Windmill craft paper forms

Windlicht – Handcrafts with children

Are your children at an age when handicrafts are of paramount importance? Do they always create miraculous paper figures and forms? They can be attached to a glass, which is lit from the inside by a great candle.
Alternatively, the little ones can paint a paper and it would also be possible to wrap a glass with candles!

The small ones are encouraged , If the created by them is so great.

“Trick or treating? “- Crepe paper and glass makes your Halloween even more creepy

Windlight Halloween

The somewhat artistically gifted can make more elaborate felt figures

Wind light

When it comes to crafting, it is great to have ideas and to know different implementation techniques

Wind lights create snowflakes

A color change is in most cases effective and impressive

Wind lights are watercolored

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