Bathroom Design In The Attic Apartment And How The Best Succeeds

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Setting up a top floor apartment is certainly not an easy task. For the most part, this is due to the frequently occurring outflowing forms of the ceilings. They are low, oblique and can also show a number of other irregularities.

Many examples show that this situation is not as bad as it looks. The house owners of the apartments showed their baths in the attic. If that is the case, then much more is possible.

The bathroom design in an attic apartment can be very original

Top floor set bathroom window top floor bathroom design

Everything should be made to measure. Therefore, accurate and precise work is required

Top floor furnished space saving bathroom top floor bathroom design

Setting up the bathroom in the attic has a lot of advantages. We would like to draw your attention to some of them.

Tension and dynamics

Are you keen to get rid of boredom from all sorts of rooms? Then the bathroom would be set up in attic Perhaps the most suitable solution for you!

Slanting beams and other special elements ensure the original character.

Sloping slopes are cumbersome, but with a bit of imagination and craftsmanship you create a unique bath

Top floor furnishing wood top floor bathroom design

The design of the bathroom can be customized

To set up an attic

Sloping is not for everyone, but with those you can reach comfort and cosiness

Attic furnishing
Top floor furnished top floor apartment

A design

Let us first look at what the A-shape of the ceiling is. You can install windows and have protected privacy and access to natural light.


If you set up a bathroom in the attic, you would often have the opportunity to benefit from the slanted beam construction. These are often found on the roof. The clearing of the beams is an excellent design method.

You will achieve a warm, rural character in your bathroom.

Make the special circumstances a special feature

Top floor set platzsparndes dreieck Dachgeschosswohnung badgestaltung

Make sure your bathroom has a window on the top floor

Top floor set up bright top floor apartment bathroom design

Once you have this natural beauty, you need some simple decoration ideas for the final touch. Sometimes it is sufficient to paint only the ceiling in a white color and to distribute some simple lamps, so that the beams are ideal.

Complete with wood cladding

Often you have in the attic Wood on the ceiling , Take this as a suitable starting situation and dress up everything in this material. This creates a very warm, private atmosphere.

One of the advantages of the attic apartment is that in most cases no neighbor can look into you

Top floor set platzsparndes wanted top floor bathroom design

Plan the expansion with professionals

Top floor furnished space saving retro roof top apartment bathroom design

Many high-lights

Setting up the bathroom in the attic is the perfect excuse to put on minimalism. Brush everything in white or other light neutrals and let a light or other element work as an accent.

Great high-light ideas for bathroom-set-up in the attic would be the accent walls , In a light nuance, original architectural elements can also be executed. So you will undoubtedly have a unique character.

“My house is my fortress”can be literal here

Top floor bathroom bathtub top floor bathroom design

Compact alternatives to the usual facilities

Let’s close the topic”bathroom in the attic set up”with some usual tips. Do not forget to stay practical. Most of the usual facilities would not register in such a narrow space. For this reason you should opt for alternative, compact versions. There is enough on the internet!

The dimensions and distribution of all bathroom furniture Must ultimately be so that the bathroom feels spacious and comfortable.

You can combine rustic with luxurious – roof-tops are anyway exceptional

Top floor bathroom bathtub top floor bathroom design

Convert kitchen into bathroom and go to the roof terrace from the bathtub – this is called life!

Attic furnishing space assures clean attic apartment bathroom design

As you can see here, even the smallest corners, can be useful shower drains

Top floor furnishing mini top floor apartment bathroom design

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