Contemporary Shower – A Trend In Modern Bathroom Design And Even More

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Imagine the following situation: You get tired from work home and get into your very private relax zone! Waterproof shower area, no revolving doors, no barriers, perfect transparency and a lot of comfort! Quite simply you get under the shower and enjoy the daily bathing experience at home. The above is not a beautiful dream, which is already a reality for many modern thinking householders. If you want to keep up with the latest tendencies in the bathroom design, you now have every chance to transform the indigenous bath into a well-made feel-good oasis. After a hard day, everyone wants to get some refreshment and reduce the daily stress. We can reveal the secret for the great relax in the bathroom and it is called ground-level shower! Yes, floor-level showers are currently highly trendy! And there are undoubted reasons for this. In the last couple of years, they have made their mark in the bathroom design and this trend is on the rise.

Transparency and accessibility prevail in the modern bathroom

walk-in-shower-black-wall tiles and white-bathtub

If you are looking for a renovation of your own bathroom, then you can decide without hesitation for a floor shower. Soon it turns out you have chosen well! With a floor-level shower you can design a modern and comfortable bathroom without barriers. It is cleverly designed with a frameless solid glass pane.

The shower area is thus shielded from the rest of the bathroom. The floor in the ground-floor shower is in principle completely tiled. There is no threshold on the floor. All this gives you a pleasant feeling when showering and ensures the highest comfort. Two words characterize this bathroom closely, but very precisely: accessibility and transparency. These features make each bathroom look broader and more generous. When you enter the room, you feel absolutely free because of this optical extension. Showers on a small square is no longer an issue. They retain the best through-view and fully enjoy your bad ritual in the morning and evening.

A bathroom with a walk-in shower looks generous


Practical function and a lot of aesthetics in one

In a bath with a level shower, practical functions can be arranged with the aesthetics of modern bath design. On the one hand, you save a lot of space and create the illusion of space. The ground-level shower is perfectly integrated into the modern bathroom design and gives you the feeling of a whole swell. If you desperately want more space in the bathroom, you can put modern shower in this way. It fits beautifully also in small rooms or those with low ceilings. Every well thought-out combination between the practical and aesthetic gives us new and numerous design options. So it is also in the contemporary bathroom. Here, clear lines and clever styling dominate the even shower and spread a new feeling of comfort while bathing. Showering is no longer a luxury, but a noble day routine that takes place in a luxurious environment.

The floor-level shower is in the small bathroom

walk-in-shower-partition with-glass-

Further advantages of the walk-in shower

A floor-mounted shower brings additional practical advantages. Compared to traditional bath designs, it is much easier to use and maintain. Their swell-free and step-free design is also suitable for handicapped people. The ground-floor shower is ideal also for older people and toddlers. There is additional space for showers so that two people can get under the shower at the same time.

An easy access to the shower area contributes to your comfort in the bathroom

Bathroom of ideas with Modern shower-and-light-bathroom tiles

The innovations in modern bath design can be seen here. Everything necessary is built in and does not disturb the look. Each floor-level shower is equipped with a modern shower panel and has fewer fittings in its design. The swellless tiled floor and the cleverly designed drainage system increase the value of the walk-in shower and make this functional and trendy at the same time. Your modern look will remain so innovative and trendy for many more years, and you will be satisfied every time you shower.

Child-friendly care is a major advantage of the ground-level shower

Minimal hardware means equal cleaning and care. You do not have to scrub a door or handles, only the shower head and the water taps you have to clean from time to time and make these easily to shine. The glass panes are made of tempered glass and are easy to clean. With the appropriate spray, their cleanliness seems to be child’s play. The tile floor melts into the rest of the floor design in the bathroom and can also be easily maintained. All these benefits of the floor-level shower speak for itself, but one thing is clear: you do not have to waste your precious time in cleaning the bathroom. Now you can enjoy your daily bath routs longer.

The cleaning and care of the walk-in shower is like a children’s play

walk-in-shower-spacious-bathroom-with-floor tiles

Now you have the opportunity to feel and relax in the indoor bath as in a spa temple.

The floor-level showers have been high in trend for years, and not without good reason

atmosphere-the-bad-create bathroom-ideas-fancy-

A modern bathroom with a designer look


Maybe you want to shower first and then relax in the bathtub?


Convenient and comfortable at the same time – the ground-level shower


Simple and stylish – does your dream bedroom look the same?


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