DIY Projects With An Old Wooden Ladder – 20 Inspiring Pictures

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The old ladder is one of those things, which one is reluctantly thrown away. It is still strong enough to be used somehow. At the same time, however, it may not be too reliable after a certain time. It could break quickly and you can endanger your own health.

How should you proceed in this case? Each wood ladder is a good product for the DIY decoration in the house and garden! We have prepared great examples as proof. See for yourself what you can make it all beautiful.

The wooden ladder is a practical piece of furniture with a decorative purpose

Wooden ladder yellow paint living room furniture colorful ceiling

Minimum of materials

The following examples are very economical. You need the minimum of materials. The projects are therefore simple and the result can give an original effect. For most projects, both wooden ladders and those made of metal are suitable.

In both cases, there is a big difference depending on whether they want to use the wood ladder as a decoration either indoors or outdoors.

Outside, they are exposed to the weather conditions. For the ladder of wood it means that it has to be treated with special varnishing. The metal ladders could rust. You can avoid this by securing a canopy. Or do you enjoy the effect of the rusted ladder? Because it also has its own charm.

In addition to the wood fibers, you may also need paint and / or varnishing. You may also need the appropriate tool to make the construction stronger.

A functional piece of furniture in the corridor

Wooden ladder furniture rustic furniture ladder wood flooring furniture

What can be done from the old ladder?

The selection of DIY projects with a ladder of wood is very large. They may be furniture pieces, e.g. Install the shelves. In addition, unusual hangers can be made. Even wall decoration is thus possible. With a woodcutter you make a wonderful photo sculpture.

The most popular ideas seem to be the construction of storage areas for different plants.

Shelf for decorative articles and house plants

Wooden ladder Living room furniture Bookcase Nursery Bedding Knitted seat cushion


The DIY projects we view today do not require as much stability as the original function of the ladders. Nevertheless, you certainly do not want the piece you have crafted to break! For this reason, you should have a close look at the wood laminates before work and carefully check the strength of the joints and the material as a whole.

Classic living room furniture

Wooden chair Living room furniture Wooden chair Wooden shelf

Do we want to look at several examples of all these subjects?

Pyramid shape

The first DIY projects use a pyramid-shaped laminate. On the different treads, boards are fixed. They can also be made of wood or some other material. In the first case you can color everything uniformly. In the second, you get an interesting contrasting appearance.

You can put practically anything on such a shelf. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Such a pyramidal construction can be mounted freely or on the wall.

You can also connect several steps to a wider regal construction.

The wood laminate often finds space in the bathroom

Wooden ladder bathroom shelf bathroom furniture towels

Can also be used as a flower stand

Living room furniture

Floating constructions made of wood ladders

Very popular, practical and at the same time effective are the floating constructions of ladders. They are widely used indoors and outdoors. You can attach lights, kitchenware. In addition, the ladder can hang wonderful clothes. Perhaps this is the right place for attaching gardening tools or tools.

DIY kitchen shelf made of an old wood laminate

Wooden ladder rustic kitchen furnish kitchen shelf ladder wood

Bookshelf itself

Wooden ladder DIY furniture wooden bookcase self-made

Stick to the wall

The objects leaned against the wall are a new fashion in the interior design. It has existed for several years and is becoming more and more interesting for many people. Initially, such constructions had a decorative value. You could place pictures, statues, and other objects on it.

You can also distribute clothes and utensils on it.

For a seamless look, paint your stairs in the same color. By choosing a different shading, you achieve a fabulous contrast.

Did you like our DIY ideas with wood laminate?

Have you already started some of your own projects?

Living room furniture Wood flooring

Creative decoration ideas for more comfort at home

Wooden ladder living room furniture rustic decoration decoration ideas
Wooden chairs Living room furniture rustic furniture Wooden flooring blankets
Wood ladder Living room furniture Scandinavian furnishing Light chain
Wooden ladder bathroom shelf bathroom furniture towels metal baskets
Holzleiter DIY furniture bookcase design reading corner

Wooden ladder modern bathroom shelf bathroom furniture towels ladder wood

Wooden ladder rustic furnishing ladder wood DIY shoe cabinet

Wooden chair Bedroom furniture Side table Pendelleuchte

Wooden living room living room furniture rustic furniture

Wooden ladder Living room furniture Bookcase Design reading corner

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