Easy And Easy To Attach Bathroom Accessories

If manual and bath towel holders, soap dispensers and bathroom trays are fixed in the bathroom, elaborate bores and correspondingly unsightly drill holes, can hardly be avoided. Each time, a huge noise and a lot of dust is necessary to make the desired comfort in the own bathroom possible. However, if you want to do without expensive, time or even aesthetic reasons, you do not have to do an elaborate drilling, there are now uncomplicated alternatives to the Stylish bathroom accessories Securely fasten.

For example, new and patented systems enable secure mounting, even on extremely sensitive or smooth surfaces, without any drilling. Whether it is now High quality wall tiles , Glass, or even wood is no longer important. But it is now also possible to attach wall accessories to surfaces made of natural stone, various plastic or metal.

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The right attachment

Mounting with the new fastening system without a bore is very simple, very quiet and hardly causes any soiling. In the case of a borehole, on the other hand, all these disturbing factors would appear more intensively. The step-by-step attachment of the accessories starts with a thorough cleaning of the underground. There should be no grease or release agent on the surface on which the object is to be attached. For a thorough cleaning is simply a clean, dry cloth, or even an alcohol from the pharmacy.

The use of bath cleaners or other cleaners should be dispensed with since they could affect the adhesion of the adhesive. The ideal temperature for processing the adhesive is between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C. However, the later adhesion, after the curing of the adhesive, is ensured in the temperature range from -40 ° C. to 100 ° C. The fastening system is also suitable for the wet area in the bathroom and kitchen. However, permanent exposure to liquid should be avoided, even if the adhesive is harmless to health. In addition, the system for attachment is designed such that contact with the adhesive during assembly can be avoided. If, however, it should nevertheless come into contact with the liquid during installation, it can be washed off with soap, under lukewarm water.

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Is the purchase of the fastening system worthwhile?

The advantages of the products that have integrated such a system are obvious. They are usually high-quality processed and aligned to a long-lasting use. Furthermore, the range of products available to choose from is individual and diverse, whether it is guest towel holders, soap baskets or kitchen tops. This means that the whole house can be equipped with helpful storage and accessories, without the need for expensive drilling.

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