If Bathroom Design, Then Correct – 24 Cool Ideas For Designer Washbasins

Editor   February 16, 2017   Comments Off on If Bathroom Design, Then Correct – 24 Cool Ideas For Designer Washbasins

Designer washbasin because it is worth your bathroom

If you consider how often you enter the bathroom and how much time you spend in it, you will soon realize that you would like to have a modern bathroom design. In one of the earlier articles, we discussed the topic”free-standing bathtub”and found that the bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house.

A designer washbasin reflects you

Bathroom design designer washbasin22

In today’s article, it will again be a question of bathroom design, but this time we would like to take a closer look at the importance of the washbasin. Every morning and every evening, we wash our face and brush our teeth over the sink, and this routine deserves a nice place where you want to refresh yourself not only physically but also mentally (if you still think).

With our selection of designer washbasins we would like to inspire you to more than just body hygiene.

Organic forms in the bathroom are a hit

Bathroom design designer wash basin3

The choice of a washbasin tells a lot about the personality and the perception of a person. Whether you choose a wooden, glass or ceramic washbasin, this choice plays a role both in terms of design and aesthetic appeal to you.

Think carefully before you go to the Bauhaus, which material best suits your character. Ask yourself what you want to have in your life. The smoothness and cold of the glass or the metal can not bring you much if you are strict and organized. Wood or hand painted ceramic in organic forms would be the right choice for you. Visualize your needs and let the one expression find through the designer sink.

Top color 2017

Bathroom design designer washbasin17

Reduced and cold for more elegance

Bathroom design designer washbasin4

Simple and yet special

Bathroom design designer washbasin13

Keep in mind that you will see the sink in the morning and in the evening for years and make a choice in the long run. Even if the bathroom is small and unimpressive, a designer sink will give the room a completely different appearance.

Let yourself be inspired by the attached pictures and learn to give the little details more value!

Wood carvings in Indonesian style


Smooth and supple are the characteristics of the natural stone

Bathroom design designer washbasin13

Let the water drain naturally

Bathroom design designer washbasin11

Inspired by nature

Bathroom design designer washbasin2

More naturalness in the bathroom

Bathroom design designer washbasin5

From the beautiful Antarctica while brushing your teeth dream

Bathroom design designer washbasin6

Dangerous and effective – a glass washbasin

Bathroom design designer washbasin8
Bathroom design designer washbasin9

Optical illusion or your washbasin?

Bathroom design designer washbasin10

Classic is always modern

Bathroom design designer washbasin12

A sink like this can definitely stimulate your imagination

Bathroom design designer washbasin14

Put yourself into the role of the potter

Bathroom design designer washbasin15

Copper is the focus

Bathroom design designer washbasin16

Wood with copper makes your bathroom an experience

Bathroom design designer washbasin1

Wild, individual and very cozy

Bathroom design designer washbasin18

The washbasin as an architectural work

Bathroom design designer washbasin19

Light plays and reflexes for more refinement

Bathroom design designer washbasin20

Soberness does not exclude the elegance

Bathroom design designer washbasin21

Rustic and used for eco-friends

Bathroom design designer washbasin23


Bathroom design designer washbasin24

An ensemble in pink

Bathroom design designer washbasin25


Bathroom design designer washbasin16

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