Simple Fancy And DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holders To Make Up

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The DIY toilet paper holder is one of those things that you can easily make yourself. The unusual accessories for the sanitary areas are very modern. However, they do not have to be complicated to attract attention. The next 20 super great and simple ideas prove it.

Small animals and funny figures as DIY toilet paper roll holder

Do you have a collection of funny characters at home? Perhaps your little (or already big) child has the habit of collecting them. Usually after a while they land in the garbage or in a corner where they collect only space and dust. The following DIY toilet paper holders are just one of many possible ideas on how to use these instead of producing unnecessary garbage.

male diy wc toilet paper holder

Animals toys to the paper roll holder

Remainders that have already been used with a different purpose

Restrictions from machines, furniture and appliances that we no longer use are often very suitable for the DIY paper toilet roll. Mostly you only need to adjust and attach easily. In the following you will see some very simple constructions which nevertheless look appealing and creative.

Use old craft as toilet paper holder
a triangle of metal peg roller holder

simple diy wc paper keeping

simple toilet paper holder

Simply adjusted, but still beautiful and creative

These two DIY toilet paper holders are quite simple. In the first case, one used a rope and hung its two sides on two hooks. The second toilet paper holder consists of a wooden bar attached to the washing table by two cloth tapes. Both works quite improvised, but somehow not bad, right?

DIY-paper roll halter-rope
very-simple-diy-toilet-paper holder

Industrial or rural style

DIY toilet paper holders can be the accessories that give your toilet and bathroom a certain rural or industrial charm. Such type of decoration is currently very current and is incorporated into almost all types of design. Below are two wonderful examples of this. Both the industrial paper holder as well as the one from a branch can be made of residual materials, which we usually have at home.

creative paper roller holder industrial style
twine toilet paper holder make yourself

Great metal frames become real art works in the bathroom and toilet

Let us remain a bit on the topic of industrial design. Also the next two DIY toilet paper holders have something to do with it. They are present in the room and represent a certain highlight. They are simple objects, but because of the material and the size have something artistic. They are not only beautiful and creative, but also super practical.

Stainless steel figure DIY toilet paper holder
retro stainless steel diy wc paper holder

And a few quite unusual toilet paper holders

The last toilet paper holders are not homemade. Nevertheless, we wanted to include you in our article because they are simply super funny. Just like the DIY pieces, the failed paper roll holders are also extremely up-to-date. The next pictures show how far you can go!

old skater board DIY toilet paper holder
extinguishing toilet paper holder
Example of fancy toilet paper holder ideas
creative-and-funny-diy-toilet-paper holder

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