The Free-standing Bathtub – According To These Criteria You Make A Right Choice

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The free-standing bathtub symbolizes the modern spa enjoyment at home. This is a popular luxury facility with homely character.

At the same time freestanding bathtubs are based on a long tradition. In old buildings there are many similar constructions. However, they served other purposes – for example, as laundry detergents. Nevertheless, you could learn a lot from the design and the constructive point of view.

Today, this experience is combined with modern living ideas. That eventually led to the fabulous bathtub designs that we have today for our home to choose from. Our guide is designed to help you find the best for you.

The bright white bathtub serves as a view in the room

Get an overview of the price categories

The market now has a rich selection of free-standing bathtubs. The prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. The latter have a fabulous design and many features. The whirlpool bathtubs are very popular.

A beautiful, stylish and modern model, however, does not always have to be expensive. The competition with the good manufacturers is increasing and that makes the luxury bathtubs more and more accessible. Our tip: Perfection in every detail, balanced elegance and broad functionality are combined in a new brand – The North Bath.

Sky blue nuances and white

Bathtub blue white

Where should the free-standing bath go?

Do you want to position the free-standing bathtub in the sanitary area or elsewhere? In luxury apartments with spectacular views, she is placed directly into the bedroom. Also in some other apartments this could be appropriate. When buying the bathtub, you must keep the style and design of the corresponding room in mind.

Super modern bathroom concept with freistehender bathtub

White bathtub metal background

The function

The free-standing bathtub ensures relaxation and a pleasant spa experience. In addition, it fulfills further design functions in the room. Modern bathtubs are basically large. This trend makes them automatically an eyecatcher in the small space. In the larger bathroom, you could define a zone by using it. Which of the above functions should your free-standing bathtub fulfill? Keep this in mind when choosing the size and design of your bathtub.

Freestanding bathtub in front of a spectacular background

White bathtub looking out of the window

Material and weight of the bathtub

The wide selection of materials should not divert you from the essential question of the design of the bathtub. The possibilities are many: wood, acrylic, concrete, steel enamel and mineral materials. As in all other areas of design, it is modern to combine different materials. In some cases this leads to the eclectic phenomenon. In others, a more favorable material is used for the interior of the bathtub and is clad in a somewhat elegant look. So a luxury look comes at a better price.

Make the decision not only with regard to style, but also consider the weight of the free-standing bathtub. The bathtub must not impair the strength of the floor.

Modern bath tubs are basically very present in the room. As a luxury feature, you can enrich a space with neutral and reserved design.

Through the bathtub you can insert warm metallic shine into the room

Free-standing bathtub – make the best choice

Our policies protect you from fundamental errors when choosing a bathtub. However, you must have your own priorities. The free-standing bathtub is one of these house furnishings that you should fall in love with. Because their main function in modern design is to bring us more pleasure and joy in life.

Bathtub metal ornaments
Bathtub black white
Bathtub white
Bathtub white gray tiles
Oval shape bathtub
White bath blue background

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