Traumbader – Stylish Furnishing Ideas And Modern Designs

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Some people are of the opinion that dream bikes are different for everyone. We believe rather less. We think that there are some qualities that are objectively determined by all of them as dreamlike. Beauty has an objective face. Let us show you the following examples of trombones.

We have sorted the bathrooms however according to certain characteristics, which in our opinion make the splendor, which will impress almost everyone.

The luxury

The rule that tummies are luxurious are, in our opinion, not to be rejected. As you can see from the pictures, the textures of the highest quality and the ability to match each other have been selected. These are also designer solutions, which always take into account the light and other super-specific conditions in the room.

Luxury dream bikes ensure exclusive experiences

Tramps geometric patterns floor tiles

The extras at the tramps

Could you imagine dream bicycles without a dream bath? It must appear organic – so of course it should be able to grow out of the rest of the design. The best is to have a fantastic view. This can be a great landscape or a colorful garden outside.

In other cases it can be a great work of art. How does it actually look with a TV there? Not a bad idea, right?

A dream in Azur

Travertine built in bathtub blue tile tv

Do not forget the fireplace

Travertine bioethanol fireplace imbricated bathtub

Especially on cold winter days one can use its sensual warmth and beautiful flame very well.

Traumbäder in fantastic places

Traumbäder could in many cases also be located within an open residential area. In addition to the luxury facilities, these also offer an incredible relaxation thanks to the great views that you can enjoy from there. The latter is, among other things, a very popular technique for spoiling people in great Starhotels.

Aromatherapy in the bath

Tramps city view

How to bathe in a natural cave

Traumbad chrome shower natural stone walls

Unforgettable moments in the rain forest

Traumbad jungle regendusche palms

Together with all these concepts, the bathtubs are in close proximity to the windows. The latter are usually placed at room height. Ideally you can see the sunrise or sunset.

Furthermore you can look at elegant and clean lines with this kind of dream bikes with a view. At the same time, one finds oneself spiritually and spiritually in full harmony and is not distracted by the outward view to the outside.

Cozy bathroom with sea view

Bath tubs freestanding bathtub sea view

Sauna, jacuzzi, mirror and nature elements

In tram-bikes, at the center of the concept, not the breathtaking view, you use other means, which you also move into a different, more beautiful world. Some are borrowed from the concept of the noble residences.

Jacuzzi and fire

Tramps jacuzzi fireplace garden

Other examples of trampoline integrate nature elements and thus provide facilities such as saunas and jacuzzi.

Massage treatments and special beds are usually also available.

The showers

There was a period when the dream baths were the most important element. But the shower now seems to play a leading role again. Through the shower panels you can secure an ever more natural experience.

The thematic showers have become very popular. They even put you in the jungle, in a historical chapel even. Through this, the showering becomes a real dream. This is what we all want to travel – in time and space to completely forget the everyday stress for a few minutes.

Elegant shower stall and sky blue nuances

Traumbad azure wall mirror tulips

Zen flair in the bathroom

Travertine bamboo bath tub parquet

Elegance in black and white

Traumbad floor tiles black white chandelier silver

Insulated light and candles

Corner baths bowl-shaped washbasins

Highly modern futuristic design

Traumbad futuristic luxury laminate

Clear lines of glass

Tramps glass bath tub shower

Bathrooms as from the fairy tale

Traumbad chapel colorful glass ceiling

Luxurious bathroom furniture and mirror walls

Travertine crystal chandelier mirror luxury

White marble and built-in lights

Tram wheels marble bathroom bathtubs

Fancy in neon colors

Tramp wheels mordern neon colors curved lines

Sophisticated decoration in natural colors

Travertine oval floor tile

Built-in bathtub, noble wood and marble

Trolley retro fittings candle holder silver

Round white ceramic bath

Round bath tub light fittings

Masculine radiance in black

Tramp wheels black floor tiles

Silence and clarity

Bath tubs floating washbasin spacious bath-tub

Magnificent in celadon green and white

Tradtions seladon green ottomane upholstered

Poetry in white leather, silver and gold

Tram trolley silver shiny washbasin wall mirror

Classical and solid at the same time

Traumbad vintage armatur freistehende bathtub

Generosity and tile mosaic

Traumbad washbasin surface wall lights

Timeless with clape foot bath

Traumbad white bathtub claw foot
Tramps claw foot bathtub white artwork

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