120 Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles From Italy By La Fabbrica

fusion bronze Platinum tile wall floor

La Fabbrica is an Italian company that professionally deals with manufacture of ceramic stoneware and is currently known for its high-quality products worldwide. Further accessories such as corners Sims planing, decoration and trim come from this company. Most of his collections you might here see and evaluate.

Porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

Fantasia Cucina Fondo Orchestra style porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

When one hears the word “China”, one immediately thinks of plates, designer tiles and decorated accents. But what about the simple and modern, eco-friendly look? We are come across on porcelain tiles that eehalten have a surprising natural improvement.

Egeo Milos

Egeo Milos wood doors wood stool beautiful

Since “eco-friendly”, it is connected not only with the give, but also with the production process and the designer aspects, an improved porcelain tile means more sustainability.

Maybe you ask yourself, what the difference is? The porcelain is significantly lightweight. So what? This leads to easy packing, easier transportation and storage. Did we mention it’s can intersect digital and design? Wonderful, isn’t it?

Fusion Platinum

fusion Platinum Liscia shop

Find more info on the net about the whole process and the method of machining these products and see for yourself on that not only the organic is known as eco-friendly.

Kauri collection

Awanui Kauri living room tiles

Optical beauty and warmth of wood

wood fiber fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy bathroom laundry basket

Charm Valley Agra

charm Valley Agra collection table top wood

Charming Valley with ornate patterns

charm Valley amber collection la Fabbrica

Egeo Rodi Egeo Rodi living room sliding doors

Egeo Santorini Egeo Santorini kitchen round dining table

Wall decoration with tiles by La Fabbrica

select bathroom design bathtub mosaic

Everstone Angers

Everstone Angers Madreperla floor tiles

Wall tiles in the bathroom

wall tiles, stoneware tiles from Italy design la Fabbrica

Solid, durable floor tiles outdoors

porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy by La Fabbrica outdoor use

La Fabbrica Wood look

wood flooring tiles la Fabbrica

Bedroom and stairs

bedrooms staircase design tile bed

Stylish flooring

wood la Fabbrica design stairs bedroom tiles

Fusion bronze

fusion bronze tiles floor wall

Fusion bronze in the dining room

fusion bronze Platinum tile wall floor

Fusion cashmere

cashmere pattern wall tiles fusion

Tile pattern – wall covering

fusion Daisy collection wall decoration mirror

Neutral tile colors

bedroom floor tiles flooring

Wall tile shiny brown

Brown wall tiles bathroom sink mirror

Brown mosaic tiles in the bathroom

mosaic tile bathroom design Brown colors

Wall decoration in the shopping centre

flower pattern wall tiles in fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy wood

Extravagant, unique interior design

grey stone slabs tiles idea design la Fabbrica

Fusion titanium

fusion titanium glittery glitter

Flower pattern on the wall

fusion titanium gold pattern wall tiles

Imago cereus

cereus bathroom tiles Imago

Bathroom tiles with flower patterns

Imago frill MUS wall tiles golden pattern bath

Imago Glaucus

Imago Glaucus floor tile coffee table living room

Modern summer house Sao Paulo Studio Arthur Casa private luxury Vila Praia de Baleia

IQuarzi outdoor – terrace flooring

IQuarzi Diaspro furniture beige floor tile

IQuarzi beige

IQuarzi Madera1 beige bath tile

Rural appearance and effect

IQuarzi Madera rattan furniture

IQuarzi for the stone wall design

IQuarzi Muretto wall replica

Gray floor and wall decorationIQuarzi Prasio design tiles

Flooring and tiles outdoors

IQuarzi Prasio outdoor tile

Jewels Oro as proper art

Golden designs and tile wall design hotel

Jewels Oro

jewels Oro still fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy Gold's license

Dining room design in wood

Kaimai Kauri flooring tile dining room

Sinks and bathroom furniture with style

wood surfaces murals laundry basket

Le masserie

Le masserie collection floor tiles tiles

Le masserie as flooring tile

Le masserie Torre Pinta la Fabbrica floor

Natural, warm environment

warm wood optics design wall design ideas flooring

Lignum level Australia

flooring wood la Fabbrica Italy

Dark wood finish

dark wood look wall floor tile design la Fabbrica

Lignum Larix

Lignum Larix collection light surface texture la Fabbrica

Akanto collection

Akanto collection floor tiles kitchen dressers, furniture

Optical illusion for a wood effect

bedroom tiles design wardrobe bed

Prada store in Tokyo

Prada store Tokyo upper floor

Montenapoleone tile mirror

Montenapoleone Ajour collection flower tile mirror

Montenapoleone Bianco

Montenapoleone Bianco flowers candles

Montenapoleone with flower patterns

Montenapoleone Bianco flower pattern gloss

Montenapoleone Brera

Montenapoleone Brera collection dark

Montenapoleone Fandango Ajour

Montenapoleone Fandango Ajour floor tiles black

Montenapoleone Fandango

Montenapoleone Fandango Vaniglia bathtub

Montenapoleone Floreale

Montenapoleone Floreale brave floor tiles

Montenapoleone Grafite

Montenapoleone Grafite collection product line pattern mosaic

Montenapoleone Vaniglia

Montenapoleone Vaniglia bright colors la Fabbrica

Orchestra bathroom tiles with stripes

Orchestra strips Bagno bathroom wall tiles

Orchestra Romanza musical

Orchestra RomanzaMusical wall tiles bathroom mirror

Orchestra Sonata as floor tiles

Orchestra Sonata living room style design tiles

Orchestra product line

Orchestra Bagno SONATA bathroom

Living room tiles as wall decoration

Orchestra brown sofa leather wall tiles living room

Several eclectic tile pattern

Orchestra eclectic tile bathroom shower

Wall tiles with classic patterns

Orchestra tiles wall pattern flowers

Partition wall between two living areas clad with tiles by La Fabbrica

Orchestra floor transition fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy room

Solid wood table

Orchestra wooden table chairs dining room la Fabbrica tiles

Antique column designs

Orchestra restaurant columns tiles

Kitchen, living room and dining room in a

Orchestra beautiful design living room

Wall decoration with natural stone

Orchestra stones wall decoration

Orchestra wall tiles with stripes

Orchestra style la Fabbrica Strip wall tiles

Floating stairs

Orchestra floating staircase design decor tile

Wall patterns and designs

Orchestra environmentally friendly floor tiles bathroom bathtub

Orchestra floor and wall tiles

Orchestra lounge tiled floor window Sun


OriginalBlue Mosaico la Fabbrica porcelain tiles from Italy

PietraDelNord Spa Arlon

PietraDelNord Spa Arlon floor tiles outdoor


PietraLavica bar tiles


PietraLavica Decoro glittery diamond

PietraLavica EOS

PietraLavica EOS lounge licence

PietraLavica Gryphea

PietraLavica Gryphea design

PietreMiliari Aurelia outdoor

PietreMiliari Aurelia white stone stoneware

PietreMiliari Farsalo – grey stone slabs

PietreMiliari Farsalo la Fabbrica patio outdoor

Rural environment

PietreMiliari Mesia outdoor la Fabbrica

Seaside Antigua

seaside Antigua la Fabbrica bath

Seaside Antigua in the bathroom

seaside Antigua la Fabbrica porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy bath

Gentle shades of Brown

floor tiles seaside Antigua bedroom

Residence in the Bahamas

seaside Bahamas floor tiles living room

The residence garden pool

seaside Bahamas pool garden area

Stable, solid surfaces

seaside Curacao Antigua wall glass doors

The outdoor area tiled flooring

seaside Curacao pool wooden roofing

Seaside Mosaico collection

seaside Mosaico collection pattern

Seaside Nassau

seaside Nassau bath la Fabbrica porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

Spacious, large bathroom

seaside Nassau idea bathroom shower

Seaside Port Royal

seaside Port Royal skylight tile mirror

Tortuga seaside

seaside Tortuga flooring wood look la Fabbrica

Smart Acorn in the Dior shop

smart Acorn Dior floor tiles shopping centre

Design smart shiny cotton-

smart cotton beige washbasin bathtub

Smart cotton mosaic tiles

smart cotton mosaic tile shower

Smart DEHA

smart DEHA pattern wall tiles

Smart ebony cotton

smart ebony cotton collection bathtub porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

Smart ebony in the living room

smart ebony product lines living room sofas

Smart ice cotton

smart ice cotton green grass sink

Smart ice in the kitchen

smart ice designers idea tiles kitchen

Smart ice style

smart ice feminine grey tiles

Exquisite smart ice tiles

smart ice fine porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

La Fabbrica

la Fabbrica seating area residential decoration colors

Stardust Foncè

Stardust Foncè floor tiles living room

Stardust Muretto

Stardust Muretto wall tiles bathroom

Tasman in blue

Tasman Blau wood la Fabbrica porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy sofas

At the Mall

clothing store ideas stained sofa

Striking floor tiles

striking tiles designs la Fabbrica Italy

Floor and wall tiles to the show at the bar counter

bar counter tiles wall tiles floor tiles la Fabbrica

Issued fine porcelain stoneware

black tiles flooring la Fabbrica