25 Modern Shower Cubicles From Glass – Have You Already Your Chosen?

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modern shower cubicles from glass bathroom minimalist

Groing Acomplete of shower enclosures

Nowadays, the bathroom is a sacred room in each apartment. A little privacy to relax and body care. In antiquity, bathing even for the ancient Romans was a particularly important ritual, they built splendid baths, the Temple of bathing culture. In our dynamic everyday life a relatively small room in our apartment is increasingly gaining in importance – the bathroom! It is especially important to us as a well-designed small space and refuge for relaxation and recreation. It is therefore of great importance: how have you designed your bathroom? With shower or a bath?

25 design ideas for modern shower cubicles made of glass

modern shower cubicles from glass dark Azente wood wall

Since the 60s, the cabins are very popular in all European households and gradually displace the once established bathtubs. In recent years, in the face of rising energy prices, more and more people opt for an energy-efficient shower. The designs of modern shower walls are varied and interesting.

What advantages do you have in your bathroom with a shower cabin:

Convenience in the shower
Your privacy
Quick cleaning and easy maintenance
Time and energy saving

Whether you prefer a fully framed, partially framed or frameless shower enclosure, now just a matter of your taste is because has made a great progress in the production of shower enclosures in technical terms.

Refined bathroom is equipped with a State of the art shower cubicle with blue Glasw AALL

modern shower cubicles from glass sink minimalist

When purchasing your shower, you must pull quite into consideration and make a few decisions. But we advise you to: left most of the work of the competence of professionals in this area. You have the experience and will be happy to you to the page. For example, the choice of shower trays form is not only a question of taste. Pentagon – or quarter-circle, square or rectangle shower cabins have all their pros and cons, which are dependent on your bathroom situation. The doors in the shower area in recent years have become really diverse. The offer is really surged, the advantages of each model are obvious only to your expert advisor.

Factors such as glass thickness, profile colour, door construction, design, glass decor or your personal preferences play a major role in choosing the solution of your cabin.

With fresh ideas and concepts of time measure-we want to inspire you!

modern shower cubicles from glass purple color light technology

Realize your own personal style in the bathroom! How different can look, we show you here in our picture gallery!

Experience the new feeling of relaxation and wellbeing in bathrooms with a modern shower cabin!

modern shower cubicles from glass acrylic plastic technology

Gray, cool shades in the bathroom

shower cabins of glass offer bathtub

Asian decorative elements in the bathroom – compact transparent shower cubicle

modern shower cubicles from glass Baden carpet soft dark brown Modern shower cabins of glass lighting contemporary, highly technologically equipped shower cabin

modern shower cubicles from glass ergonomic technology ´ shower enclosure from glass grey wall decoration

Interesting patterned frosted glass doors

showers off glass grey designbeautiful shower enclosure from glass compact innovative cozy and warmmodern shower cubicles from glass minimalist Brown

The walls in the bathroom with wood paneling

modern shower cubicles from glass minimalist bathtub

Compact shower cubicle with sliding doors

modern shower cubicles from glass plants flower pot

Very simple, but practical to

Esthetically designed shower enclosure from glass white frame

Technological equipment and ergonomic design

modern shower cubicles from glass technology equipmentbeautiful shower enclosure from glass technology Cabinetmodern shower cubicles from glass traditional bathroombeautiful shower enclosure from glass traditionally beige

Esthetically designed, monochromatic colors

modern shower cubicles from glass walls grey Monochromatisch

Dramatic purple walls in the bathroom in contrast to the transparent shower enclosure

modern shower cubicles from glass sink

Small shower with frosted glass doors

Inovattive shower enclosure from glass sink table

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