A Few Clever Tips And Tricks For The Towels At Home

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Comfortable furniture and glossy surfaces make the modern apartment not out! A modern home is a clean and orderly home. In this sense, certain tips and tricks have to be followed. The correct care of the textiles is a part of it. And when it comes to towels, you might be able to use a few clever ideas to keep the towels in the home! Keeping the cloths fresh and soft for an extended period of time seems to be no easy task. Too much washing will make them appear worn out early. How then could the cloths look as new? Let’s see!

Beautiful patterns and plants make the bathroom appear more conspicuous

Bathroom decoration for the bathroom beautiful pattern as decoration

Change the cloths regularly

Every 2-3 days or at least once a week you should refresh the towels in the apartment. This is particularly true for these in the kitchen, with their full force, because they are contaminated much faster. Of course, you should be careful to sort the towels by washing according to colors.

It is also very important that you do not use too aggressive detergents for the colored cloths! It is then highly probable that the white cloths get an unpleasant grayness and the cloths dyed in beautifully saturated colors pale somewhat.

Through the bath towels bring freshness into the room

Bathrooms for the bathroom beautiful patterned towels

And another tip: in the washing machine the towels should not be folded. So they are washed better!

Do not use too much softener during washing

A common mistake in washing towels is the use of too much softener. In fact, the large amount of softener leads to the accumulation of particles between the fibers of the cloth rather than making the fabric softer and more comfortable to touch. Thus, towels are logically hard and unpleasant. Furthermore, a thin layer of the softener remains on the surface of the cloth. As a result, the cloth absorbs less water.

Be careful to keep the colors nice for long periods of time

Bathroom furniture for the bathroom colored towels as a nice decoration

Take care of the correct temperature during washing

For clothing and textiles, it is important to choose the temperature. This is twice as important when washing the cloths. Because all bacteria and stains should be gone! Therefore, it is best to wash the cloths separately from the clothing. Set to a temperature of at least 40 ° C. If you have such an option, then choose rinsing with cold water. In warm water, the fibers are stretched, resulting in better removal of the stains. The cold water collects the fibers again and the cloth becomes soft and beautiful again.

White towels are classic!

Decorate the bathroom and arrange it properly

Keep the cloths properly after washing

Proper storage of the cloths plays a role for their softness and durability. There are many practical solutions for keeping the towels so that you can bring enviable order into the bathroom.

  • It is best to leave the towels dry in the open. If you do not have the opportunity to do so, use the tumble dryer properly: do not overfill and dry towels and clothing separately.

Add subtle shades

Residential bathrooms for bathroom decoration with towels and flowers

  • A wall shelf for towels and bathroom accessories is, for example, an excellent storage space idea. You could also build this yourself. Never hang the cloths over each other. If you do not have enough space in the bathroom, you could be creative and also convert an old staircase into a functional shelving system.

A warm atmosphere

Bathrooms for the bathroom colored towels as decoration in the bathroom

  • Arrange the folded towels side by side when you have enough space. Otherwise the towels at the bottom do not look so soft and beautiful.

Extra tip: Clever and practical ideas with budget

Also with household items you can make the cloths look soft and beautiful. A lid of white vinegar or soda during drying could replace the softener.

Using appropriate cloths to emphasize the curtain beautifully

Tips and tricks for home towels

Wash and store towels properly

Tipps and tricks beautiful residential ideas for the towels in the kitchen

If you have a tumble dryer, put a tennis ball between the towels. Surprisingly, the towels become so much softer.

The towels as decoration

Towels could be gorgeous decor in the kitchen and bathroom. If you choose the right colors and patterns, you could also make an inspiring and interesting space from the small space.

Put some color into the kitchen

Tips and tricks for the kitchen to keep the towels

Functional solution for the kitchen towels

Tipps and tricks wohnideen for the kitchen to keep the towels

Provide a cheerful atmosphere

Bathroom with shower and towels

Dekoideen with cloths

Tips and tricks bathroom design towels wash and arrange properly

Streifentuch brings the other bathroom elements into the foreground

Residential for the bathroom towels as decoration

Stylish solution for the modern bathroom

Tips and tricks the bathing towels care properly

Keep the towels neat

Tipps and tricks for the bathroom for soft cloths

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