Bath Wood – The Eye-catcher In The Modern Bathroom

bath wood black walnut Buildinvest

Unique wood design that will transform your bathroom into a modern luxury ambience

In the middle ages, the bathtub was a synonym for luxury. And today almost everyone can enjoy a relaxing bath after the long work day.

The fashion has evolved enormously furniture and bathtubs in the bathroom in recent years and the manufacturers offer a wide range of materials and designs. There’s everything on the market and for every taste.

We are genuine fans of the free-standing bathtubs, experiencing a spectacular comeback by Freshideen but what fascinates us even more is the material from which they can be manufactured. The wood is more and more used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Where previously the use of wood was atypical and even unthinkable, is now not only possible, but also top fashionable.

The wooden furniture are coveted because of her natural look, elegant, noble design and their warm radiance. The bathtub made of wood is no exception.

Bathtub made of wood for a bathing experience

Baula bathtub freestanding wood black walnut Buildinvest

Why should you opt for a bathtub made of wood?

Doubt never to the quality of the wooden bathtub. A bathtub is made of real wood carefully and with attention to detail. First, the right wood is selected. Water resistant wood species such as larch, Kambala, teak, ash, oak and black walnut are quality materials for a bathtub. Different processing methods such as impregnation and priming are the first steps that transform the wood into a stylish piece of furniture. These are the basis for a long-term resistance to the water. Then, the surface of the wood is further processed – treated with several layers of lacquer and protected against scratches. Ultimately, the bathtub made of wood with oils is polished. And after this long process is ready to be installed in your bathroom.

Rectangular bath oak

Gaia wooden bathtub Ceramstic volcano oak

Bath tub combined steel enamel with modern bathroom furniture made of wood

bath wood of custom made black walnut Mobius architects

Care and cleaning of the wooden bathtub

Here is the basic rule: do not use Abrasives use. Resulting scratches could grind with fine abrasive paper out. Polish the wood surface 1-2 times per year with a special oil for wood and you’ll enjoy a like new shiny texture.

Wood design in the bathroom – modern and sustainable

Gongo bath wood fitting black walnut tree Diener@Diener

What is the modern bathroom?

The bathroom furniture manufacturers have a clear idea what a bathroom should look like, a bath, which corresponds to the Zeitgeist. Consult with the experts and make your own decision. We help you with this large selection with the following wooden bathtub suppliers we can find great – Bagno Sasso Mobili, unique wood design and wood Lux.

The bathtub made of wood can be both free-standing and built-in

Gongo bath wood black walnut tree Diener@Diener

Designer bathroom sink in white ash

Langi ash wood bathroom sink designer Magda Oczachowska

New forms and materials in the modern bathroom

Langi wood sink Merbau Designer Magda Oczachowska