Bathroom à La Shabby Chic

Announced, individual and much more elegant than you think: Shabby chic is to imagine no longer trendy facilities. The style refers to antique heirlooms, newly discovered flea market finds and loads of home-made decoration. Everything has a meaning and like – is allowed. Because the style tells a story: a stylish journey through time with treasures from the past. All that fond of details and crossings are reinterpreted and make the bathroom a special place.

Colours: soft and pastellig

Rosé, sky blue, a delicate pale yellow and gentle turquoise – these are the correct colors for the endearing look. Wall or floor design the colors are good. Hearth, cream tiles which perfectly harmonize with the gentle shades allow more restraint. A light curtain emphasizes the gentle side of the style; the shower curtain spread a romantic feeling with floral patterns and accessories like picture frames, flower pots and vases in the trendy pastel ensure the right atmosphere. Also in the selection of sanitary objects, you can access the color trends: A sink in the slight Whispher Rosa offers feminine flair. If you prefer the slightly rustic Shabby Chic, is a stylish statement with a toilet seat in turquoise of coloured wood look. These and other charming Shabby Chic ideas can buy interested on

bathroom shabby chic pink metallic Chair of claw foot bathtub

Magical contrast program

In addition to the lovely colours, the colorful mix of materials belongs to the so-called “shabby” look. The mixture of old designs and new favorite pieces creates an enchanting charm. There are no rules, no unified concept that you need to keep. You can to desire and mood combine – and believe us: at the end of the bathroom will look fabulous! Fit the Shabby Chic: a shelf full of frills made of metal, this opulent mirror, and a magnificent chandelier. nostalgic taps, a fluffy carpet with flowers, lots of wood and contrast than a brand new, free-standing bath.

The eye-catcher: Upcycling basin

Do you have an antique chest of drawers in the attic? Prima, then create it a base Cabinet for the new basin! Alternatively you look over at the flea market, maybe there is an antique Cabinet in solid wood for your bathroom. Treat the wood with hard wax oil to protect it from water and moisture. Then carefully drill holes for the drain, as well as the faucet tubing into the top surface of the wood. Cutting edges with sanitary silicone caulk, also with the adhesive coat the underside of the sink, put on and your new washing station is finished. Definitely a one of a kind and in any case of shabby chic.

bathroom shabby chic residential style braided basket wood kommode basin

Details of old and new

Loving decorations and playful accessories put in the bathroom of the Crown. Candles in the delicate pink, woven baskets for cosmetics and co., a tumbler made of coloured glass and antique perfume bottles ended the Shabby chic. No matter whether the flea market, from the basement dug out or bought as new – style lives on a colorful combination. In addition, you can integrate much homemade in the bathroom. Crocheted Doilies look on the surface, a specially made shower curtain with Ruffles and embroidery testifies to romance and individuality and a wooden sign with a personal note gives the room its charming character. But be careful: the bathroom can be quickly cluttered with too many decorations. Focus at all attention to detail only on targeted accents, to create a bathroom to feel good.

bathroom shabby chic look woven baskets of retro suitcase vanity

bathroom shabby chic bathroom white pink accents shower

bathroom shabby chic look old Dresser bathtub free standing candle holders