Bathroom Design With Tiles

bathroom design with tiles Walnut cabinets oval wall mirror

Bathroom design with tiles: the right tiles laying around the basin

The tiles around the new basin or the cabinets lock the water not to flow into the House. And if the tiles around the basin are widely installed, the room looks bigger. The washbasins are becoming more and more popular in the bathroom facilities, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the tiling.

Look like the washbasins and floor tiles are combined in these bathrooms and learn what you should demand from your service provider.

At the beginning, you should ensure that the floor is ideal flat. It could be really difficult after the tiles laying to level as a vanity. If your sink is specially made, you order adjustable feet according to their height, so that the table is mounted perfectly just.

Note: Consider whether you can totally miss the feet and the basin can attach directly to the wall. The adaptation of four legs is much lighter than the level of eight legs.

Soothing Turquoise and marble

bathroom design with tiles wrought iron chair

The floor in the bathroom should be a bit odd and you for his level want to save yourself the effort, a small quarter round would eliminate the problem visually. To protect also the basin from water damage.Note: If you are planning a quarter round, you build the basin about 3 mm, so that only the quarter bar touches the ground. At a water spout the quarter round would absorb the damage. It is much easier and cheaper to replace it instead of the whole basin.

This basin has more legs and extra space for the feet

bathroom design with tiles in neutral colors marble surface

The traditional cabinets for the bathroom and the kitchen are often less space for the feet (the small distance below the last drawer). If you want to get closer to the basin and want to lean to the mirror, the freestanding washbasin with extra foot height is a good idea.

Note: If you install underfloor heating with radiation, would mount it on the entire surface, so that your feet are always warm. Therefore, we recommend cable heating systems, so placement can better control the heating.

If you liked open spaces, a floating basin would make the room look bigger.

Sometimes the basin due to underfloor heating must be Earth-free

bathroom design with tiles of precious wood glass doors

The tiles under the wash basin seal any spaces, which could accumulate water and damage the structure of the House, especially with improper installation.

An infinite perspective with wall mirrors – by Casa Verde Design

bathroom design with grey and white tiles with wall mirror

In a larger bathroom, the cost for the tiling could be crucial whether you lay tiles under the washbasin or not. Normally, you ordered a reserve of 10% for bathroom. For larger space but a reserve of 5% is sufficient, under the lavatory, use the sections. So to use the benefits at no additional cost.

Note: If your tiles are extremely expensive, consider cheaper, similar tiles under the washbasin. No one can tell.

Color, textures and light – warm and sunny

bathroom design with tiles sunny with plenty of light

The larger washbasins with a massive plate as shown in the picture are very difficult for the tiled floor

bathroom design with tiles modern wall art

If you achieve such a look and style, you discuss it with your service provider in advance, so that he prepared the ground for such an installation.

Note: Would you like to know whether your floor is strong enough? Test installation easy with a glass of water in front of the tiles. Put it to different points and running around. Pour out the water at any point, the ground to move too much and he would not be suitable for a heavier vanity.

The light under the wash basin is a great element of night and brings a more light layering in the room. Some tiles are so brilliant that they serve as a mirror under the lavatory, clean it regularly.

Note: For a more uniform illumination you should set the light to the wall, not straight down. It is not as bright, but very evenly.

bathroom design with tiles rectangular long wall mirror of yellow frame