Bathroom Furniture: Double Washbasin As A Chic And Practical Bathroom Idea

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Double Vanity – a chic and practical bathroom idea

The double washbasin. This practical element of the bathroom brings order and free space in the bathroom. Women must no longer give your partner shaving sets aside, man never again through a jungle of creams and cosmetics fight. Everyone has his area and can use it at the same time with the other. Moreover, it looks good, because in terms of design and diversity, double washbasins have much to offer.

Morning rituals are different for different people. A refresher on the basin including brushing needs everyone to start the day. The reality is often different: one is facing the bathroom door locked and impatiently listens to the sound of running water. A simple refactoring in the bathroom would pleasantly shorten the queue outside the door. It’s called double washbasin. Manufacturer of bathroom ceramics offer today a wide variety of shapes and styles, making the bigger the decision but even harder the room for inspiration. You can browse for make your bath.

Do you like shared bathroom pleasures and a reduced, minimalist look? Then, the decision for a double vanity with a continuous pool is just right. The long, narrow, troughed porcelain or glass tanks come with their two separate taps very elegant and classic. The large, double washbasin, enough elbow room for morning refreshments in the double pack there is anyway.A double vanity with single bowl has a common, central drain, two taps, and enough storage space left and right. The long, reflective pool blends perfectly in the modern bathroom design.

Modern double vanities as Highligt in the bathroom

Bathroom furniture double washbasin Rainer Sturm Pixelio

Create a focal point for your bathroom: combine a modern double washbasin with designer fittings. Particularly dignified, this variant of the double washbasin is setting the basin to a Cabinet or a vanity plate.

bathroom furniture double washbasin Kassandrabay Flickr

Highly modern and pragmatic: the rectangular shaped double vanity with his two deep basin gives this impression. This variant is the focal point in a modern bathroom ambience.

Order must be! A double sink with two separate washing troughs is a clear solution, because each tank has an own faucet, an own trace and precisely defined surfaces. The variety of forms of this twin solution perfectly a separate double sinks in every bathroom ambience.

bathroom furniture double washbasin angle drill Flickr

A double vanity with separate deep hollows has a classic or falls into the retro-style. When you combine timeless beauty with high, curved fittings, you will feel like in a venerable Parisian hotel.

bathroom furniture double washbasin Leosel Flickr

Basically are no limits to creativity in the bathroom. Get inspired and create the bathroom of your dreams!

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