Bathroom Ideas In Black And White – 45 Inspiring Examples

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bathroom ideas colors black white

Bathroom ideas – black – white bathroom design

When planning the interior decoration of the House, often neglecting the bathroom. One thinks of last place it and only a few have a luxury spa room at home. The color palette of the bathroom is something we hang. The options are almost endless, but rarely get the idea the black white facilities. This is a style that is timeless and fits wonderfully to each individual design style.

In this context the black-white furnishings may vary throughout.

Some of the pictures below show a rural and others – a sleek, minimalist style

bathroom ideas colours black white floor tile wall tile pattern

One of the most obvious advantages of these colors is the fact that you can do wrong practically nothing. It’s a trendy combination, which has survived over the centuries and was never as old-fashioned. Black and white décor is elegant, expressive and sometimes very bizarre. Do you know how many examples I ready for you in today’s article? I have collected 45 pictures for you! I wish you much fun with the scroll and look at!

Hutker architects

elegant modern bathroom ideas colors black white

modern bathroom ideas colors black white free-standing bath in black

modern bathroom ideas free-standing tub sink with Cabinet

bathroom ideas colors black white wall tiles, mirrored walls

Bathroom ideas color black white paint wall tiles

Bathroom ideas colors white floor tile wall tile pattern black accents

bathroom set up floor tile black white shower glass wall sticker

Captivating opulence

The black and white color combination makes gorgeous, beautiful everything, elegant and refined. This is also the reason why it is preferred by people who like to add a luxurious character to the bedroom. The balance between black and white is of fundamental importance for the creation of a perfect look!

Nieto design group

black bathroom design ideas free-standing bath zebra pattern

Too much black can contribute to a gloomy appearance. In addition to the restrained use of darker shades, lighting plays an essential role for the creation of a spectacular black-and-white ambience.

bathroom set up floor tile black white checkerboard pattern

You can opt for many different types of lighting: this could be riveting chandelier, as well as nice candle holders, bizarre hanging lamps among other things. You determine the tone of the room and the mood of the people inside. Particularly applies to the rooms listed in black, because just there slightly dark corners can be formed. The most lavish bathroom, which accommodate a black and white combination, show a clever mixing of various details of artificial lighting. Here, the natural ventilation will also play a very appropriate role.

CID Interior

modern bathroom cabinets black white built-in ceiling lights

freestanding bathtub with feet black white bathroom furniture

Famosa-the surface Studio

freestanding bathtub faucet black white bathroom furniture

Bagnato architects

freestanding bathtub black white wall design ideas tile

black bathroom design ideas bath tub floor tiles white black accents

bathroom bath furniture black white marble shower glass

Palmer Todd

modern bathroom cabinets black white Palmer Todd

Interchangeable accents

Black and white bathroom make it possible to follow the latest trends. This can happen in many ways. Apart from their relevance to many different styles and epochs, makes it also possible to deal playfully with the various nuances of neutral this color you. Thanks to the neutral background, every shade of which you choose, will come immediately to the best advantage. You can switch between bright orange, dark blue, refreshing yellow so freely. You can do this easily by simple actions such as about the exchange of mat in the bath or the nicely folded towels in the corner shelf.

K Kong designs

bathroom bath furniture black white Chevron pattern mural work

Jessica Helgerson interior design

bathroom ideas colors black white wallpaper wall tiles

Red and yellow are two always preferred colors when it comes to placing accents. If you in a studio apartment or a stylish penthouse live, and have little green in the environment, then the potted plants could represent a wonderful choice for you. Gold, brass and copper are some of the few metal accents, which is 2014 really fashionable and up-to-date.


bathroom furniture design bathroom sink with Cabinet in black floor tiles

These glossy accent shades Act also delightful as Akztenttouches and they will sign up at the same time great in the bathroom.

ARPA design-build

bathroom wall decoration stripes black white gold accents

Lompier Interior group

interior design ideas bathroom wall design ideas Bodenflisen pattern

small bathroom set black white freestanding bathtub

Element 5 architecture

modern bathroom black white bath tub jacuzzi marble kitchen cabinet wood

Hansen architects

freestanding bathtub black white window store

Willman interiors / Gina Willman

modern bathroom black bathtub freestanding Pebble rattan

Contemporary and minimalist

Now we are moving from the classical to the contemporary look. This provides more diverse opportunities. Black and white look made for the people in the bathroom like custom-made, which like the minimalist approach in the interior design. The lack of colors makes a perfect color and all additional ornaments prove to be superfluous. Combine these with clean and well defined lines, painted surfaces, with a floating bathtub and minimalist decoration. So, you would create the perfect bathroom. The additional individual bath in black – white complemented the rest of the equipment as a bonus.

William Roy designer kitchens

interior design ideas bathroom wall design flooring bathroom furniture wood

Dana Cohen-Vishkin

modern bathroom colours black white

minimalist bathroom interior design ideas in black white

A great addition to the black and white bathroom represents wood. It removes every trace of pallor and sterile monotony and provides for additional warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. Wall mounted wood medicine cabinets to the wall with a mirror or a floating vanity with a sink could serve this purpose. Add a few burning candles to this atmosphere and make music and your House, you will experience every day as a relaxing OASIS.

small bathroom set black white bath tiles pattern

Shirley chisel

shower bathroom Bodenflisen pattern wall tiles black


small bathroom set black white bathroom furniture ideas

modern bathroom colours black white wall decoration

tagr design

ground level shower free-standing bath modern bathrooms black white

bathroom sink minimalist black

Brilliant shapes and patterns

The decision does not mean for a black and white color palette by far that you must restrict themselves with these two shades. Actually you could replace easily the tone and nuances, by using different tiles and playful deal thus with the character of the room. Currently, you could integrate actually many different forms of gray and add an accent wall, which drastically drift from the color palette. You need to feel restricted not necessarily from this sometimes cramped checkerboard effect or the too simple color combinations. One of the hottest shades of neutral is gray and it is worth to add it to a black and white bathroom.

Buckminster Green

tiles bathroom ideas pictures bathroom furniture black white

Positive space staging + design

Freistehnde bathtub tiles bathroom pictures

d ‘ apostrophe design

bathroom wall decoration wall tile ideas black cabinet

We want to look at a few great options? What do you think of a modern variation on the black and white theme with marble counter tops? Do you prefer prefer floating cabinets and stand-alone tubs? Would you most likely opt for a worn look? You can’t deny the greatness of this classic combination in all cases. In this way, you can ensure that the bathroom is cool and classic at the same time. Black and white is a showstopper, which always works!

C.P.. hard bathrooms

wall tiles curtain tiles bathroom ideas pictures bathroom furniture black white

photo wallpaper mural wall tiles bathroom ideas pictures bathroom furniture black white

Becki Peckham

bathroom wall decoration ideas wall wallpaper black white patterned

The design practice – UBER

free-standing bathtub black white grey

Grant Davis Thompson

bathroom bath furniture black white oversized wall mirror

bathroom curtains ideas shower curtain polka dot pattern floor tiles

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