Bathroom Renovation: Where The Toilet?

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bathroom renovation radiant white antique flair

Bathroom renovation

At the beginning of the renovation in the bathroom your master should know where they are intended – to the bathroom whether it is mounted on the floor or on the wall, and where supply place the water. If that’s not enough complicated – here are the next criteria – wall tiling, Tile laying, shower doors and skirting boards – the location of the toilet also influence.

Feel not overwhelmed — with the right professional can do this. The next notes will help you to place also the toilet good for you and your design.

Note the wall panels and skirting boardsMost toilets are high 30 cm from the floor, so that it fits well for the floor-mounted toilets.

Note: Some toilets need clamps – another limiting factor, which can interfere with the radiant heating. Talk to your heating supplier in advance, whether the Terminal water pipes and heating cables interfere or not.

A classic bathroom – I like it very much.

The look of the bathroom is ideal to the skirting boards and ceiling mouldings

bathroom renovation crystal chandelier striped wallpaper

Note: The painting behind a cistern that is very difficult. I recommend that before installing toilet for the first time the wall is painted and the baseboard is installed.

First plan the shower

bathroom renovation wall tile with wood optics

If you are planning a free shower near the toilet, consider a wall-mounted toilet so that the water sealing works are simple.

Doors also affect the location of the toilet the shower. For the fulfilment of legal requirements the doors in both directions to can be opened, so the width of the door should be taken into account also.

The shower cubicle is separated from the room by a glass door

bathroom renovation disco atmosphere blue light

Note: Try out different variants for toilets and door location. On the ground, mark the movement of the door.

Opt for floor or wall mounting

The wall installation is a routine job. A wall bracket to carry the toilet is required, and some very precise points of the water supply, which allows many options for the location of the toilet.

But the look is modern and seamless, and there are also some functional benefits

bathroom renovation toilet off white ceramicNote: A standard is toilet 35-38 cm high from the floor up to edge of the lavatory basin. Consider a height of 40 to 45 cm for your wall-mounted toilet for your older years. Now it may look high, but later it will be alright.

The wall-mounted toilets are suitable for smaller rooms, because the cistern in the wall.

In this case, the master has built the wall to the front, the smaller paragraphs are recommended

bathroom renovation round sink from frosted glass

During the installation, the toilets in most cases with two screws are attached. Many toilets with clean lines (which are also very easy to care for) have separate carrier attachments, and the toilet is fixed by both sides.

This Duravit toilet has great clean lines and same ease of installation as the usual

bathroom renovation modern bathroom design

Note: We have a 10-rinsing rule for each new toilet. After installation but before the silicone we rinse the toilet ten times sealing, so we check that everything is working correctly.

Ensure that the floor-mounted and wall-mounted toilets in the normal and extended form are available. If space is tight, you take the normal or smaller model.

White ceramic and dark wall shading – perfect contrast

bathroom renovation nuances of dark mother of Pearl tiles

Watch for niche or chambers

On this screen, leave the shelves over the toilet more headroom and save space

bathroom renovation mirror sliding door

This clever use of space here as a result of good planning. Inform all masters in advance about such specifics.

Note: Check whether the master everywhere around paint to this niche before the Assembly of pipes, tubes, or isolation.

If you are planning a toilet room, then follow the recommendation for 90 x 170 cm size, with a door of 80 cm. The absolute minimum is 75 x 150 cm, which is only 38 cm from both sides of the toilet.

Note: If you are concerned that the toilet during Assembly could scratch the tile floor or hardwood floor, then use the Kallon waterproof membrane.Are you planning a renovation soon? Find out more tips on our site.

bathroom renovation decorative mirror with floral frame

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