Bathroom Set – tile trends in bathroom furniture for 2017!

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The beautiful bathroom tiles can have a great effect on the whole bathroom design. If you only exchange these in a renovation, you will get a completely new look. This applies not only to the complete paneling, but also to those cases in which certain accent areas are thus designed.

The current flow baths for the bathroom offer an enormous variety and many innovations in the direction of sustainability. Here are some of especially great importance for this year.

Discover the subway tiles again

Have not you found any room for these types of tiles in your home? Perhaps you can pick the subway tiles at the next renovation of your bathroom. They are a global trend that will once again gain momentum in 2017. Since it is always recorded again, it is very likely that underground tiles remain very popular for a long time. This will also give you a luxury touch in your bathroom. Such type of tiles is used in very upscale hotels and official buildings.

Bathroom set up with subway tiles is 2017 quite hip

Bathtub bathroom with tiles

Modern bathroom set up with u train tiles design ideas

Set up a bathroom – creative handling of concrete

The concrete is more creative Bathroom furnishings concepts More and more often. This creates an industrial and at the same time uplifting atmosphere at home. Designers recommend the combination with patterned floor. This makes the appearance very exciting and brings to your home the mood of the New York lofts.

The concrete gives the bathroom a simple yet modern look

Bamoebel from concrete for a special atmosphere

Let the floor take the lead roll in your bath

The spectacular floor design within minimalistic concepts is fundamentally topical in 2017. The bathroom in this respect is no exception. This is an effective, modern and economical approach for the redesign or renovation of the bathroom. In addition, this type of facility gives you much freedom for future additions and transformations.

In this case we recommend patterns for the floor and possibly also 3D effects and relief appearance. Of course, you also have to keep the care in mind. They need an option to maintain their quality in everyday life with relatively little effort.

Put the accent on the floor

Flooring trends ideas and tips

The floor in the bathroom with the latest tiles

Geometric patterns

If you want to speak the”language”of the current trends in 2017, the geometric patterns are basically suitable. This also applies to the bathroom. An extremely modern solution would be the design of an accent wall with geometric patterns.

Choose tiles cleverly and let them serve as a view

Geometric tile laying bathroom design

Geometric wall tiles for an optical extension

Bathroom set up – subway tiles are back in!

Modern bathroom set up with u train tiles design ideas

Subway tiles for a retro look!

U bathroom tiles for bathing

U Lay tiles in the bathroom

U floor tiles with interesting floor in the bathroom

U track tiles in the bathroom

Floor tiles have different and very interesting patterns

Bathroom set – black and white plaid floor

The accent on the ground

Original motifs for the ground are a total hit in 2017!

Yellow geometric tiles as a floor

Interesting patterns for the ground

New trends in the bathroom

Black white tiles in the bathroom

Geometrical patterns provide for the optical enlargement of the corresponding space

Geometric figures in the bathroom

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