Bathroom Shelves Made Of Glass – Bathroom Furniture With Stylish Select

bathroom ideas modern dark colours decoration

Here we have a solution, in which it has integrated the glass shelves in the wall

Bathroom need much storage space, so everything there looks fine, no matter whether it is the beach towels or to the accessories. Because only in such an atmosphere you will feel very good.

Think just about: can because the place where we have clean, be dirty?

To achieve this, you need much more than the everyday making clean the shelves, cabinets and the rest. You need some matching storage units. Such would be the glass shelves. You should be making sure in favour of the result that you has chosen the matching glass and correctly installs the shelves.

Here are a few great examples for you!

Bathroom shelves glass – Reiterhof

bathroom shelf Reitenhof glass warm ambience

Willow Glen bathroom

bathroom shelves in glass wood bathroom furniture

See here beautiful bathroom shelves glass with cabinets by DeWills industries. It has glass shelves on a small area, where you can exhibit great decorations.

Own apartment in a big city

bathroom shelves of glass compact

Above the bathtub you will find shelves with great decoration. Here they brought special tile of company from Arizona in usage.


bathroom shelves of glass, white airy

Solid glass shelves can be found about this tub. She herself was shaped like an hourglass.

Marble bathroom

bathroom shelves of glass effective wall decoration

In two areas, one here brought glass in use. It has placed it on the side of the Wasserbeiches and built into the shower area used. The bathtub recognized with grey feed from marble. It evades the unified look here.

Stock idea for the bath

bathroom shelves of glass wall mirror sink

Attach shelves in the “dead” area above the toilet.

Bathroom shelves glass

bathroom shelves off glass gloss modern

As in the example here, you will find glass shelves over the toilet. What makes the room really nice, are the tiles on the wall.

Modern bathroom

bathroom shelves of glass set

On both sides, one finds glass shelves, which nicely round off the shower.

Bathroom design

bathroom shelves from urban glass

We have here with a clever solution to do, in which you have put glass in use to ensure a lighter design.

Crimea design ideas

bathroom shelves of glass blue tiles

The units on the glass shelves seem to float. This is due to the transmission of the glass to.

Captiva House

bathroom shelves GLA sink round

I find very interesting the green back in this bathroom. It’s quartz, which was imported from China. It has been cut from strips into small pieces.


bathroom shelves of glass, black wall

I love the color of this bathroom. However, viewing the glass shelves on the laundry room and you will see how they brighten the dark room.


bathroom shelves wall decoration glass grey cold

A small bathroom looks good by shelves that are equipped with lights

bathroom shelves glass Orange wall decoration

Apartment, bathroom

bathroom shelves glass shower large wall

On the wall, you could combine the wall tiles with glass.

Have you considered a conclusion above in the examples? I think that you learn on the whole, this how to do very much with small stakes. You find also?