Bathroom Tiles Cover – Tile Decals For Old, Dull Tile

bathroom tiles cover bathroom renewing pattern gluing

Freshen up your bathroom and give a new chance to old wall tiles

Just as there are films for furniture, with which you can your kitchen fronts renew easily , there are also specially designed self-adhesive tiles. These be repaired pass exactly over the old tiles and make them appear like new. Want to try it out and your bathroom tiles cover? First you learn about and are on the search for the most appropriate stickers. So easy, you can leave your bathroom glory shine!

Cover bathroom tiles – Tile decals will transform your bathroom into a modern ambience

bathroom tiles cover tile decals flowers pattern ideas

The tile adhesive films are a modern and clever solution that can fully replace the Tile paint and thereby saves much time and elaborate work. Order tile decals in the size of your bathroom tiles and completely cover the walls, or only the spacing you want. The stickers are per piece and in all standard sizes (15 × 15 20 × 20 etc.) offered. If you cover your bathroom tiles, you have the advantage, that you can completely remove the sticker after some time (months or even years).

Tile decals in Brown and beige in the checkerboard

bathroom tiles cover tile decals

Beautify old bathroom tiles with stickers, fun can make and do the easy. The pattern and the rich colour shades, which are available on the market, are fun, colorful, modern and fresh and offer something for every taste. We personally have love in this creative Tile decals of the young designer Ebru ARI. These and other tile sticker for bathroom or kitchen can be found here.

Wall tiles modern design – professional products and tips by FoLIESEN

bathroom tiles bathroom cover replacing old ceramic tile decals

Tile decals have the following advantages:

-long term stable

-suitable for the shower area


-completely removable


-large selection of colors and patterns


Metro network with heart pattern as a wall accent

bathroom tiles cover tile decals heart pattern ideas

Morning coffee tile decals

label adhesive for tiles bathroom tiles coffee

Pink accent tiles behind the free-standing bathtub

bathroom tiles cover self-adhesive

Applying colored geometric patterns on the wall

bathroom tiles cover adhesive for tiles pattern

Colorful bath redesign thanks to self-adhesive tiles stickers

bathroom tiles cover beautify old tile adhesive

Bathroom tiles in sea colours

bathroom tiles cover tape Blau Musaik

Patterned tile decals in size 15 × 15

bathroom tiles cover films tiles renew

Fun colors and patterns by WandAkzente

adhesive for tiles patchwork of old tiles beautify

Creative living ideas for old tiles

tile stickers, bathroom kitchen tile wall tile pattern WA414 4 c# fliesensticker bathroom kitchen wall tiles tiles patterns WA414-4 c.

Tile decals fit perfectly well in the kitchen. Redesign your back!

kitchen tiles cover kitchen renew old ceramic tile decals

Bathroom tiles cover – so it is quick and easy

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