DIY Projects With An Old Wooden Ladder – 20 Inspirational Images

Make something new and exciting from the old head wood

The old head is one of those things which you throw away averse. It is still tight enough to be used somehow. At the same time, it is perhaps but not too reliable but after a certain time. It could break quickly and you may endanger their own health thereby.

What should you do in this case? Each wooden ladder is a good product for DIY home decor in the home and garden! We have prepared great examples as proof. See for what you can do with it everything beautiful.

The wooden ladder is a practical piece of furniture with decorative purpose

wooden ladder yellow paint living room furniture colorful blanket

Minimum of materials

The following examples are very economical. You will need the minimum of materials. The projects are so easy and the result can result in an original effect. For most projects, ladders made of wood, as well as suitable metal.

In both cases, there is a big difference depending on whether they want to use the wooden ladder as decoration indoor or outdoor. Out there they are exhibited the weather conditions. For the head made of wood, it means that she must be operated with special lacquer. The ladders of metal could rust. You can avoid this but, by securing a canopy. Or enjoy the effect of the rusted ladder? Because it has its own charm.

In addition to the wooden ladder itself, you need so any color or paint. Maybe you need the appropriate tool to make the construction firm.

A functional piece of furniture in the hallway

wooden ladder furnishing ideas rustic furniture head wood furniture Hall

What can you do to everything from the old head?

The selection of DIY projects with a head made of wood is very large. You can build furniture such as shelves, for example. Fancy hangers can also thus tinkering. Even wall decoration is possible. You make a wonderful photo wall with a wooden ladder.

The ideas to build storage shelves for various plants seem to be the most popular.

Shelf for decorative items and houseplants

living room of head of wood furniture bookcase houseplants knitted cushion


The DIY projects, we show today, require no so great stability, such as the original function of the conductors. Still don’t want you certainly that collapses the piece made by you! For this reason, you should look at the wooden ladder before work and accurately checking the strength of federal agencies and of the material as a whole.

Classic living room furniture

wooden ladder wood living room furniture Chair Lieter wood shelf

Want to let us look at several examples of all of these topics?

Pyramidal shape

The first DIY projects use a wooden ladder in pyramidal form. Fix boards on the various steps. They can be also made of wood or other material. In the first case, you can color everything uniform. In the second, you reach an interesting contrast full appearance.

You can make practically anything on such a shelf. It can be set up indoors as well as outdoors.

Such a pyramidal construction can be installed freestanding or against the wall.

You can combine multiple steps to a broader shelf construction.

The wooden ladder are often found space in the bathroom

wood ladder bathroom shelf bathroom towels

Also as a flower can be used

living room of head of wood furniture houseplants shelf

Floating constructions made of wooden ladders

The floating constructions of heads are very popular, practical and at the same time effective. You will find widespread use in indoor and outdoor areas. You light, can it install kitchen utensils. You can also on the head wonderfully hang clothes. Maybe this is the right place to attach garden accessories or tools.

DIY kitchen rack from an old wooden ladder

wooden ladder rustic kitchen set kitchen shelf wood ladder

Make bookcase yourself

make wooden ladder DIY furniture wooden ladder Bookshelf yourself

Lean on the wall

The casual reminiscent of the wall are a new fashion in interior design. You there for some years and is always interesting for many people. Initially, these constructions had mainly a decorative value. Pictures, statues and other objects that could be set up.

You can distribute also clothes and utensils on it.

For a seamless look, you delete your stairs in the same color. By choosing a different shade, you can reach a fabulous contrast.

Have our DIY fall ideas with wooden ladder?

Have some own projects invaded you may already?

living room of head of wood furniture wood floor ceilings

Creative decorating ideas for more comfort at home

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