Dream Bathrooms – Stylish Interior Design Ideas And Modern Designs

dream baths claw foot bathtub white artwork

Dream bathrooms or how you are put into a nicer world when bathing

Some people believe that dream bathrooms individually fail at all. We believe less because more. We think that there are some features which are determined objectively as dreamy. The beauty has an objective face. We want to show you that the next examples for dream bathrooms.

However, we have sorted bathrooms according to certain characteristics, which make up the splendour of our opinion, which will impress virtually all.

The luxury

The rule that dream bathrooms are luxurious, is in our opinion not to discard. As you can see on the pictures, the highest quality textures are with all this and with the ability to be adapted to each other, have been chosen. Also, it is designer solutions, which take into account always the light and other super specific conditions in the area.

Luxury dream bathrooms provide exclusive experiences

dream bathrooms geometric pattern floor tiles columns

The extras in the luxury bathrooms

Could you imagine actually dream bathrooms without a gorgeous bath? She must appear organically — so of course she would have to can grow out of the remaining design. Best you should secure a fantastic view. This can be a great landscape or a colourful garden outside. In other cases it can be a great work of art. What’s actually a TV there? Not a bad idea, or?

A dream in Azur

dream bath Eigebaute bath blue tiles TV

Let us not forget also the fireplace

dream bathrooms bioethanol fireplace Eingebeute tub

Especially on cold winter days, you can very well use his sensual warmth and beautiful flame.

Dream bathrooms in beautiful places

Dream bathrooms may be in many cases even within an open living plan. In addition to the luxury facilities offer these incredible relaxation by the great views, which you can enjoy from there. The latter represents among other things a very popular technique to pamper people in great star hotels.

Aromatherapy bath

dream bathrooms petals city views

How to bathe in a natural cave

dream bathroom chrome shower stone walls

Unforgettable moments in the rain forest

dream bathroom jungle rain shower Palm trees

During all of these concepts is that the baths are nearby next to the Windows. Most of the time, the latter on ceiling height are placed. Ideally one can see the sunrise or sunset from it.

Still putting on elegant and clean lines in this type of dream bathrooms with views. So, if you are at the same time spiritual and mental in full harmony and is not distracted by the contouring views to the outside.

Cosy room with sea views

dream bathrooms free-standing bath sea view

Sauna, Jacuzzi, mirrors and natural elements

Dream bathrooms, in the Centre of its concept is not the breathtaking views, using other means, which you also put in a different, better world. Some are borrowed from the concept of the noble halls of residence.

Jacuzzi and fire

dream bathrooms Jacuzzi fireplace garden

Other examples of dream bathrooms incorporate elements of nature and thus changing facilities such as saunas and jacuzzi.

It is traditionally also Massage facilities and special beds for such procedures.

The showers

There was a period in which the magnificent baths were the most important element. But seems the shower now once again to play a leading role. Through the shower panels, you can secure a more natural experience.

The thematic showers have become very popular. Put one in the jungle, a historic Chapel even.  Through this, the showers is a real dream. For that we want to travel now all – in time and space, to completely forget the stress of everyday life for a few minutes.

Elegant shower cabin and sky blue shades

dream bathroom Azur blue wall mirror tulips

Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

dream bathrooms bamboo oval bathtub floor

Elegance in black and white

dream bathroom floor tile black white silver chandelier

Insulated light and candles

dream bathrooms, corner bath sink dish

State of the art futuristic design

futuristic dream bathroom luxury laminate

Clear lines of glass

dream bathrooms glass bathtub deck shower

Bathroom like in the fairy tale

dream bath Chapel of colorful glass ceiling

Luxurious bathroom and mirror walls

dream bathrooms crystal chandeliers mirrors luxury lounge

White marble and recessed lighting

dream bathrooms marble oval tub recessed

Chic in neon colors

dream bathrooms Mordern neon colors curved lines

Demanding furnishings in natural colours

dream bath oval tub floor tiles

Built-in bathtub, elegant wood and marble

dream bathrooms retro fittings candle holders silver

Round white ceramic bathtub

dream bathrooms round tub recessed

Masculine charisma in black

dream bathrooms black floor tile recessed

Stillness and clarity

dream bathrooms floating vanity unit spacious bathtub

Magnificent in Seladongrün and white

dream bathrooms Seladongrün Ottoman upholstered

Poetry in White leather, silver and gold

dream bathrooms final vanity unit wall mirror

Classic and elegant at the same time

dream bathroom vintage faucet freestanding bathtub

Generosity and tile mosaic

dream bathroom sink surface wall lights

Timeless with a claw foot tub

dream bath white bath tub claw foot