Feng Shui Bathroom Above The Bedroom Set Up – Tips And Ideas

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Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom energy positive wood

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom set – tips and ideas

A bathroom placed the sleeping room is not the best Feng Shui setting. An important factor on the search is cure according to Feng Shui how often the bathroom occupied and will be used how often are you planning to use it? According to Feng Shui is recommended in this case, this bathroom to serve as a guest bathroom.An other Feng Shui is the following question to consider: is the bathroom directly across the square, where the bed is set? If so, as several good choices for this are bed setting in your bedroom.

According to the Feng Shui rules live happily – Setup

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom family energy positive

The Feng Shui depend on area of the House bedrooms and bathroom remedy in this case the Feng Shui Bagua, where large bedrooms and bathroom are laid (take a look at Bagua, or Feng Shui energy map for more info.)Find out element required the important Feng Shui in your specific area and look for creative Feng Shui ways, the required element in a visually appealing and suitable to the decor way to strengthen. For example, if you know that you need a strong fire of Feng Shui element in your bathroom, it is not necessary for traditional, Asian art with red colors to look for. Select bright red towels or a delicious Red Wall color, a display of purple or red candles, etc., that energy will bring a strong fire. Be creative and smart that’s always good Feng Shui!

Yellow, warm, bright bedroom design

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom cozy yellow light

Generally, you want to keep the bathroom clean and easy (in colors, fittings, decoration, etc.)-literally creates a very light feeling, avoid any colors that fund its energy and make it difficult.Sometimes, depending from the bedroom design, constructive action on the ceiling (such as crown molding or the Medallion to the ceiling lamps) – all serves as a barrier between two different energy zones.

Comfortable bathroom – pleasant, relaxing atmosphere

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom family energy guest

It is even more important you should know that almost each of the so-called bad Feng Shui is a remedy to problems, as long as you approach the situation with a sense of empowerment and creativity.

Bedroom and bathroom – Feng Shui Setup

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom comfortable energy natural wood – equipment and furniture in the bathroomFeng Shui bathrooms bedroom built-in bath

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom family children happy family – keep positive energy according to the Feng Shui rules

Minimalist bathroom design – shelf above the built-in bath tub

Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom family bath positive energy at home – family Feng Shui bathrooms bedroom family happy

Pink colors dominate device in the bedroom – typical Feng Shui

Feng Schui bedroom furnishings pink colors

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