Feng Shui Bathroom – The Most Important Rules At A Glance

Feng Shui in the bathroom – the most important rules at a glance

According to Feng Shui, the flow of water in the bath symbolizes also the flow of money and material goods. But does that mean that if the water drains out, even our material goods we will go away?

Furnishing ideas according to the Feng Shui doctrine

Feng Shui bathroom Buddha statue houseplants

Must we enable the power of water or block?

Can explain it simply and in a few words: it would be bad if we have to do it in the bathroom with standing water. If it flows freely out and then again new pure water, the material goods through our House will run just as well.

We will get enough and have enough to give.

Make Feng Shui bathroom

Feng Shui bathroom Einbuwanne house plants Orchid

It is important that nothing is blocking the flow of water. Here are some rules that we absolutely need to know.

Close always the toilet lid
Maintain your pipes and tubes well so that the water remains clean and well can flow,
Close the door of the bathroom,
Position not two mirrors against each other: the best content itself with a little mirror over the sink!

Mirror over the sink

Feng Shui bathroom freestanding bathtub houseplants

The color in the bathroom

The other important and frequently asked question is this according to the main color of the bathroom. There are such a wide range of possibilities for the bath room design on the market! Here are some ideas and instructions concerning the different colors.

Select the correct color

Feng Shui bathroom bathroom tiles color purple houseplants

Bathroom tiles in a luminous shade

Feng Shui bathroom bathroom tiles color houseplants

Blue is not very suitable…

There are many suitable colors for the bathroom and that has something to do with one’s own energy and the taste of the inhabitants. However, there are some shades that are not really suitable. One of these nuances, which we should rather avoid is blue…

This is simply the color of the water. If we use it, this energy will be too dominant. Feng Shui relies basically on the balance.

Balance and harmony

Feng Shui bathroom ceiling lights house plants

Matching shades depending on the location of the bathroom

The bathroom is located in the South-East or South-West of the apartment, you can bring in following colours: beige-Brown, Pink – Purple, yellow-orange.

In the East and South-East following nuances are suitable: green in all its varieties, as well as green in combination with pink and white.

Green as a main or accent color?

Feng Shui green bathroom bathtub houseplants

Small fresh details

bathroom design plant feng shui candles

If the bathroom is to the North, you can choose green again in all its shades. The combinations with pink, purple and Orange are good for the flow of energy.

Orange, as well as Pink – Purple select for the southern bathroom. Green is also a good choice in combination with these colors.

You can opt for beige-Brown, brown white-silver and gold Covers bath in the West and Northwest. You can be sure, you do no wrong!

Target: Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

Feng Shui bathroom harmony positive energy houseplants

Can relax!

Feng Shui bathroom mirror round houseplants

Indoor plants in the bathroom provide fresh air

fashion purple bathroom cabinets bathroom mirror-white plant walls

Freshen up your bathroom with colorful furniture

Feng Shui bathroom yellow cabinets houseplants

White is associated with cleanliness

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