Free Standing Bath Tubs In The Victorian Style

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free-standing bathtubs white elegant Viktorisnischer bathroom chandeliers fireplace

15 modern freestanding baths in a Victorian style

Not all bathrooms are a particularly attractive appearance. But those who have a bathtub, are clearly more interesting than others who have only a shower.

This all does not help, if the equipment is too easy and little functional. The room and the form must also be taken into consideration.

As we all know, there are different types of bathtubs. The modern are simple and an elegant look with straight lines and sharp curves.

The traditional show different variations. Most have this lion feet. Look exactly like the Victorian bathtubs.

That is why it is today. It’s not only free-standing bathtubs in itself, but the guest facilities, including those.

So, you will get an idea how you can make the bathroom and allow the bath to the validity. We have collected 15 samples for you. Let us scroll down and take a look at these and analyze together.

15 bathroom ideas with Victorian baths – luxury bath

free-standing bath In the Viktorisnischen style Gradinenideen chandelier

Anyone would fall for such a bath. The reason is the Victorian bath alone, but are also the colors that are luxurious and romantic. The chandelier provides an additional romantic appearance.


freestanding bath Viktorisnischen style curtain elegant Schick

We love this bath silver feet, as well as the details. The bathroom is very simple, but the whole area looks quite lifted. This is due to the pillars and the frame.

Parents en

freestanding bath Viktorisnischen style curtain ideas shower

Is your bathroom small? No Problemm. In most cases, we can also accommodate a bathtub. Have a look at this example here. It also has a luxurious appearance achieved, isn’t it?

Captiva cottage on the beach

free-standing bathtubs yellow Viktorisnischen style wall decoration chandelier

Not all bathtubs are white. It has to do with Gelochra. You need give then no more effort to attract the attention of the guests.

Lake Toxaway

free-standing bathtubs black Viktorisnischen style feet in gold

A gold-plated feet black bathtub can be not more worthy of love, or? Viewing the Roman forms also. You are maßgearbeitet from Dura Lee fabrics are woven by hand in India

Bathroom with wall accents

free-standing bathtubs black Viktorisnischen style elegant silver feet wall decoration

Here we see a white bathtub with silver feet. But what makes the artistic character of this bath? A unique creative idea represents even the holder for the shampoo. You can see this on the right hand side.

Lindsay creates a unique Victorian design

free-standing bathtubs white elegant Viktorisnischen style silver feet

The cladding elements represents a wallpaper with the wood. She was maßgerfetigt to write great in the Victorian era. Of course, it represents the best possible choice.

Historical master bedroom, renewal after Cwest Chester, PAJ

free-standing bath In the Viktorisnischen style fireplace In the bathroom

Placing the bathtub next to the window provides more relaxation, because you will be directly under the natural sunlight.


free-standing bathtubs white elegant Viktorisnischen bathroom furniture wood

The special “slipper” tub is the star of this Gesamtaustattung. See also?


freestanding bath Viktorisnischer style freestanding faucet wooden floor

We love this bathroom. A neo-Baroque chandelier hangs above the bathtub lion feet. He is a shiny factor in the room.

Sunset summer residence

free standing bath tubs with feet of silver Viktorisnischer style

Black and white coloring represents the main accent in this room. The ceiling lights are captivating.


free-standing bathtubs with legs Viktorisnischer style bathroom

I can say only one spontaneously to this bathroom and that is “Great”! Everyone who enters it will hesitate first before entering the ceramic floor. The white bathtub looks simply ravishing.

Parents bathroom

freestanding bath Viktorisnischer style modern bathroom antique furniture

In this case, it has positioned the bathtub next to the window. Even the seats are there.

Kids bathroom

freestanding bath Viktorisnischer style disco ball pendants

Elegance and solemnity are the character of this bathroom. Here you can see a great wall with tile mosaics. It shows roses and arbors…

We did you find these examples in Victorian style? Could they come at home also when you use?

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