Freestanding Bathtub – Eye-catching And Luxury In The Bathroom

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freestanding bathtub Chorm claw foot

The free-standing bathtub is back in fashion

The free-standing bathtub is back in vogue. Now, it is but not so unpretentious and simple as formerly, but modern and multifunctional. There are a plethora of designs and bathtubs are made from different materials today. The most important of which are steel/enamel, concrete, wood, but also sanitary acrylic, mineral materials and cast iron – as for example is the case of the classic claw-foot bathtub. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must consult in advance well before you can find the right tub for the bathroom. A sit or even Pro out is also recommended, so that you can be safe.

Freestanding bathtub made of wood

freestanding bathtub wood

The new, free-standing bath is often the eye-catcher in the bathroom and has underwater lights, massage jets or water heating. She is a real luxury.

The bathtub made of steel/enamel is very common on the market. This substance is resistant and easy to maintain. If you choose as a tub, you should know but that the surface than other materials feels colder. Bath tubs made of sanitary acrylic, however, have a surface that is warmer, but overall more sensitive and not so easy to maintain. Warm is also a tub of mineral materials – resin with minerals are and because they are watered, they can be produced in different, curved shapes. One of the most famous mineral resins is Corian.

For real vintage fans the opportunity to buy the classic – remains of course the claw-foot bathtub, is finding that not only made of cast iron, but from all mentioned materials. Following is the tendency among the free-standing bathtubs – they are bigger and have more and more extras. Sometimes it is even difficult to tell whether there is a normal bath or a Jacuzzi.

Spacious and comfortable

free-standing bath spacious round

Transparent with deck

freestanding bathtub glass deck

Wooden construction and sanitary acrylic

free-standing bath wood acrylic

Oval shape and pebbles

free-standing bath pebbles Bowl

Vintage Bath – copper shiny

free-standing tub Kupferglänzend vintage

Modern and minimalist

free-standing bath minimalist modern

Modern bathroom with crystal chandelier

free-standing bath modern bathroom

Romance with rose petals

free-standing bathtub natural-coloured tiles

Natural stone look and orchids

free-standing bathtub natural stone look

Orange with underwater lighting

free-standing bath Orange underwater light

Oval steel enamel and wood flooring

free-standing bath tub oval steel email

Suppleness and elegance

free-standing bath tub oval white

Round bath tub and rain shower

free-standing bath tub rain shower round modern

Round concrete

free-standing bathtub round concrete

Rustic with open living plan

free-standing bath rustic wooden planks

Schüsselförmig and elegant

free-standing bathtub Schüsselförmig white

Ultra as a hammock

free-standing bathtub black modern hammock

Classic black and white

freestanding bathtub black white minimalist design

Spiegelblank with a vintage touch

free standing bathtub mirror

Spacious bathroom with panoramic window

free-standing bathtub steel email

Unpretentious in black and white

free-standing tub vintage black white

Noble marble

free-standing bathtub white marble walls

Whirlpool bath for two

freestanding bathtub whirlpool

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