Freestanding Bathtub: Ideas And Inspiring Bathroom Examples

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freestanding bathtub bathroom examples and ideas

Should be free-standing bath and how do you spell up this bathroom in the modern

The bathroom. Today we turn our attention to these very specific space in the apartment.

The living room should be comfortable and inviting, the bedroom should radiate a quiet and romantic atmosphere. And what should the bathroom look like really? This is an important issue that is often neglected. We want to make that mistake definitely not and that’s why we’re going to search for the ‘right’ answer.

If the bathtub the focal point

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples shower glass walls

The modern bathroom offers comfort and convenience just as the bedroom or the living room. The sense of well-being is here the most and we believe everything should be at this point. So for us to find the “right” answer, we should make the “right” question and this is: “I feel comfortable in my bathroom and how I can increase the level of intimacy here?” There are many aspects at least should – be considered the lighting, flooring, bathroom tiles, ventilation, the bathroom furniture, including the shower and the tub. The bath is enormously affect your bathroom in the desired ways. To this goal, your bathroom should offer plenty of space and if that is so, then no longer think about it! You need a bath, in the best case a freestanding.

Below we provide some free-standing bathtubs to the show and explain why these are so hip and popular.

The modern bathroom design

We understand minimalist modern, simple, compact and functional. However, the personal touch should not miss.

As an example, we take the photo below. This bathroom is small and the bath is not free-standing. The bathroom tiles are simply knows no color, no pattern. And yet, this is a modern bathroom. Make sure the mirror surfaces, which play a decorative and at the same time a practical role. That’s enough, so that it adds a special touch to the bathroom.

We find that class and that’s why we start our picture gallery with this bathroom sample.

Mirror accents in the minimalist style

freestanding bath tub Spigelblank bathrooms examples

Down-to-Earth faucet

And now we have a free-standing bath as an example. The style is minimalist. The color is missing again. The glossy accent is even more sophisticated. The down-to-Earth faucet WINS clearly our sympathy.

Freestanding bathtub with down-to-Earth faucet

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples of minimalist white

We call this a modern bath solution

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples bathroom set

With claw feet

The freestanding bathtub with feet radiates a large amount of charm and is clearly one of our favorites.

With chic stainless steel claw feet bathtub

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples bathroom design

Upscale elegance on four claw feet

bathtub freestanding examples bathroom accessories flowers

The retro design is trendy

The bathtub with retro design has claw feet, that are not made of stainless steel. The retro tank is often in a bold colour from the outside and ensures a fresh color accent in the bathroom.

An example in yellow

freestanding bathtub yellow bathroom examples

The perfect accessory to

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples bathroom accessories

Freestanding bathtub with a dark green exterior

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples bathroom decorating tips

The classic black and white combination makes the gold bathroom faucet better come

freestanding bathtub black bathroom examples

The form of the free-standing bathtub

Oval, would you say, and would not be. Is always the same but the oval shape? No, that would be so boring. The variety of forms of bath has taken us totally. That is also a great way to personalize your bathroom.

With backrest

freestanding bathtub shape and design bathroom examples

Oval and extra deep for more convenience

freestanding bathtub bathroom samples of decorating tips

With square edges

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples woodwork Cabinet

Elegant egg design with Wall fitting

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples wood elements

The round bathtub

The free-standing bathtub can be also circular. This form will give your bathroom an extraordinary character.

The bathing is guaranteed

round bathtub freestanding bathroom examples wood elements staircase

Wooden elements in the modern bathroom

Wood furniture is a true symbol of coziness. The bathtub made of wood is a very interesting option, but not for every taste and every budget. In this case, the rustic wooden elements in the bathroom are the best solution. See following bathroom examples and be inspired as you could give your bathroom a rustic charm.

A natural tree trunk as a bathroom accessory

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples of rustic wood elements stool

Wooden ceiling

freestanding bath Rustukal bathroom examples

Simple vanity wood

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples wood cabinet

The designer bath

Design – is our blog about themselves, but bath twisted these designers us real upside. Actually we know is the fabulous design not who. This fuses lights by Tom Dixon but with the designer more than perfect.

The trendy copper colour in the bathroom

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples pendant luminaires concrete look

In a double-pack

Free-standing need only a bathtub in the bathroom? Yes, maybe you need only one, but why not also for two bathe? It’s called luxury – you have more than you need.

Bathing fun for two

freestanding bathtub bathroom examples modern concrete look

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