Guest WC: Ideas For A Proper Behaviour In The Guest Toilet

guests WC ideas real behaviour manners

How should you behave in guest WC and bath

If you are in a House to visit, you must use the guest bathroom. You can get this fairly popular or just the opposite. It is up to you.

Here are some rules which you should absolutely seriously.

Guests WC ideas

guests WC ideas real behavior tips and tricks

Casual atmosphere in the guest bath

guests WC ideas real behaviour showers

Ask instead of to find the toilet alone!

Browse all room to find the guest toilet. Otherwise, you get into fix, not to be in the right place. But with a properly worded question, they give only good education and manners.

Where is the toilet?

guests WC ideas sink real behaviour manners

Toilet paper in the guest toilet

guests WC ideas real behaviour toilet paper

Waste water

Regardless, your friends are as environmentally conscious, frugal or generous, it is your task to save resources. This concerns also the bathroom. Please don’t be too long run the water and waste too much toilet paper.

At the same time, you must not miss the shower when you are at home with someone. You show so hygiene and good manners.

Waste water please!

guests WC ideas shower real behavior

Bring your own cosmetics products

Many people keep their own beauty products in the bathroom and in the toilet. You should expect however. According to the rules, you should bring your own cosmetics. So, make sure that you have appropriate products for your hair and body care.

Bring your own cosmetics products

guests WC ideas real behaviour cosmetics products bring

Immediately clean the bathroom after a shower

The people who clean for you, be paid in the hotel. In a private residence, which is not. Look around before use, and take the appropriate cleaning products. Clean properly.

Make a good impression!

guests WC ideas real manners clean make

Ask about times, in which the bathroom is used

Even if there is a guest powder room and an extra bathroom for the visit, it may be that they are also used by the hosts early in the morning. Learn about it before you go in the morning. When you prevent someone from ready to make, for the work you do even unpopular.

When is the right time to take a shower if you are guest?

Guests WC ideas proper behavior no water waste

Toilet lid

All have their own rules regarding the toilet lid. Most people are very sensitive, what’s that. Before inform, how to allow the toilet lid in the guest toilet and would rather follow this rule.

Toilet lid: hold open or closed?

guests WC ideas real behavior the toilet lid to make

Teach your children good manners

Take advantage of the opportunity that you are visiting, to teach your children good manners. You should also learn to comply with these rules.

Is toilet paper not yet to play, right?

guests WC ideas children good manners