Important Notes For The Drywall In The Bathroom

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Dry construction for your bathroom – new ideas and opportunities for you

The drywall is still one of the most popular variants for renovations and redesigns of the House of any kind. Finally, partitions, kitchenettes or a new space can be built quite flexible. But especially in the bathroom here has so far always caution was announced. Unprofessional carried dry buildings or the wrong materials can quick mould arise not only unpleasant to see, but is also harmful to health. However, new technologies and the development of materials have ultimately be much simpler, more practical and more profitable the drywall for the bathroom.

High time to take a perfect renovation

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What materials are suitable for the bathroom?

Rooms, which come with moisture contact, represent a special challenge for the drywall. This classically includes the kitchen and of course also the bathroom. Special drywall should now change that and are specially designed for installation in wet rooms. So the renovation of the bathroom is now much easier. Because the previously used cement boards were comparatively heavy, expensive and very expensive in the process. The new so-called “wet”room plate is a much lighter alternative, such as cement as plasterboard at least but as safely, and mildew resistant. The special plasterboard should be now can be used even in highly polluted areas. According to the manufacturer, the advantages of the new development are in

the durability of the material,
the high resistance to mould,
the simple processing of gypsum boards
the low weight of only 10.5 kg / m ², as well as
the suitability of the gypsum plates for hybrid and mixed constructions.

DIY drywall?

In the current do-it-yourself trend try more and more housework yourself on a drywall. This is quite feasible, but not to recommend for a layman. Especially in the bathroom, well trained professionals, such as the dry construction specialist KATI GmbH & Co KG, are needed to the possibilities, assess risks and characteristics of the respective room and adjust the dry construction system specifically to. Who would like to try still even on the bathroom remodeling, which can get once a brief overview about the dry construction method on

At the latest, if a ceiling is necessary, the hobby farmer should hire urgently a specialist. Otherwise, it can be quickly during the reconstruction to security risks. Even with a heavy burden of new walls, for example through a free-hanging toilet or sink, highly resistant constructions of the Professional are required.

Get the right tool

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The best tips for the drywall in the bathroom:

A wall is not tiled, it needs a good, water resistant plaster, which protects it from moisture. Here, the humidity within the room should not be underestimated in their dimensions. Otherwise, it comes to mold growth and possible health damages. This would necessitate a costly renovation.

Maybe you need a change of tiles

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Who used plasterboard and tile adhesives, must seal be sure the joints with a good grout spreader, so that also here no moisture can penetrate. Especially acrylic or silicone gasket material are suitable for joints on the floor or on the ceiling. At the same time, this gets the elongation of the wall or the floor. Puncture -, connection and connection joints must be carefully planned by a professional and calculated. Incorrect placement otherwise moisture-permeable cracks especially in damp rooms.
Always an internal insulation is recommended for the bathroom. A popular variation of this is a so-called “shell”. In this case a stand work is built, filled with mineral wool and it fixed the plasterboard.
The drywall can be filled afterwards freely with tiles or wood .
Electrical connections must be necessarily installed by a professional and compacted. As the water connections, to prevent subsequent damage. If possible, the cables for particularly easy access under the floor or ceiling should be laid. Here, a good insulation is also necessary.

Sturdy chrome faucet

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When the Grouting the corner protection profiles, as well as screws must not be forgotten. Also, the cut edges of the drywall must be smoothed before. Ever clean the work the smoother is behind the surface and the easier she can be further processed or decorated.
In the bathroom, the so-called moisture stress classes must be observed. This is the classification in class 0, A01 or A02. You specify how the wall and floor surfaces with water spray are loaded.
The simplest and most practical solution to protect the drywall from moisture is the laying of tiles in the thin-bed method. Here the tiles are attached two to six millimeters thick adhesive layer through the drywall and so at the same time protect them from the ingress of moisture.
The subsequent establishment must be attached may be the new drywall. A free-hanging toilet or sink also require the installation of special mounting racks. It is usually the “double stand work”, so a strengthened skeleton of dry construction.

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