Marimekko Shower Curtain – Fresh Colors And Patterns In The Bathroom

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Marimekko shower curtain strips horizontal blue

Decorate your bathroom with the famous Marimekko prints from

Viljo and Armi Ratia founded the Finnish textile company Marimekko in 1951. She is well known for its printed woolen fabrics, which have beautiful patterns and colors. Such examples are Hetkiä, Kaiku and Unikko. Now, you can find these beautiful patterns on shower curtains, wax cloth, bags, bedding, porcelain tableware. Many well known designers from Finland work for Marimekko, are among those such as Maija Isola and Fujiwo Ishimoto.

Marimekko shower curtain

shower curtain Marimekko Blau dark flowers

Each shower curtain, Marimekko is decorated with colorful and elegant designs. Find the popular Kaiko impression with the iconic Unikko pattern. A Marimekko shower curtain is an easy way to give your bathroom a modern character.

These designs are very popular and many filmmakers have used them in their productions. This is a great option to add a pop of color to your bathroom. Give this room a new look with the Marimekko patterns.

Natural patterns

Marimekko shower curtain tree nature

Beautiful, purple circles

shower curtain bathroom Marimekko circles purple

Leaves and greenMarimekko shower curtain leaves green and white

Bright, playful floral pattern in yellow shower curtain yellow floral pattern Marimekko

Lush foliage

Marimekko shower curtain green pattern sheets

Factually, but colored

shower curtain Green idea Marimekko

Colorful Marimekko flowers

Monochromatisch designed Marimekko shower curtain pattern print

Marimekko shower curtain cute protection

Black and white circles

shower curtain Marimekko points black white

Who says not good combines pink and Red?

The patterns and colors more accurately seen Marimekko shower curtain pink red flowers

Marimekko black red floral shower curtain

Wavy impressions on a red background

Marimekko shower curtain red gleaminggraphically depicted urban scene

shower curtain black Marimekko graphically

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