Metro Tiles In The Bathroom – A Trendy And Yet Timeless Decision For The Bathroom!

If you mold the walls of a room with tiles, they turn into beautiful eye-catchers. This is because tiles appear as an important design element in the interior design. Kitchens and bathrooms are increasingly benefiting from the advantages of wall and floor tiles. But there is a particular design of tiles here today: Metro tiles.

Metro tiles are a current trend these days. This is proved by modern interior design, where Metro or still Subwayfliesen called, beautiful highlights pose. Although we have already dealt with the topic, today we continue. It is this time extra to the bathroom. And the bathroom metro tiles are just perfect!… Convince yourself by looking at the picture gallery with Metro tiles bath! Surely you draw a lot of inspiration from it!

Trendy wall design in the small bathroom

metro tiles bathroom white tile modern look

Metro tiles – the real classic in the bathroom

These small, rectangular tiles with the typical beveled edges find a wide use in the bathroom. Both wall and floor tiles could be used here. Often, therefore, creates a slight 3D optics. The styles in which you can use Subway tiles for the design of your bathroom are quite a few.

The variety of uses is guaranteed, so you can set up your dream bathroom.

Bright walls in the bathroom for more harmony in the interior

metro tile bathroom fancy wall design combination with wood

Today, matte, rough materials in the bathroom are in vogue. In contrast, the Metro tiles have a high-gloss surface, in most cases they are made of ceramic. Real classics are the white Subway tiles, but also come in other shades such as pastel colors, saturated shades and earth shades well.

Gray metro tiles are chic

metro tiles bathroom gray wall tiles wood floor

Make a modern bathroom with metro tiles

Metro tiles can be combined well with other design elements in the bathroom. Wall and floor design with these has a calming effect. They are not conspicuous, but provide beautiful walls and a stylish floor. But to avoid a monotonous look, combine them with the right materials. Subway tiles and wooden elements, for example, make a great whole. Even natural stone and lime plaster help to neutralize the sometimes cool look of the Metro tiles. You might also consider blatant accents to spice up your modern bathroom a bit. And color contrasts provide dynamics in the bathroom design. White and black, for example, is a wonderful color duo in the modern bathroom.

The shiny effect is simply fascinating…

metro tile bathroom colored ceiling

Bathrooms with metro tiles are bright because they reflect a lot of light. They are also easy to clean. Just wash them off! The modern Metro tiles bathroom are also different due to the many different designs in different shapes. They all have an urban flair. They shape the bathroom of today.

White metro tiles are classic

metro tile bathroom classic wall design bathroom white black

Elegant or industrial style tiles have to be?

metro tiles bathroom gray wall tiles open wall shelves deco ideas

Metro Flisen fascinate with simplicity and style

metro tiles bathroom shiny white

The Metro tiles can also be used as accents in the room

metro tile bathroom glazed wall tiles light gray beautiful flooring

Gray bathroom with metro wall tiles

metro tiles bathroom gray wall tiles lighter floor
metro tiles bathroom gray wall tiles white wall tiles
metro tiles bathroom green wall tiles beautiful floor
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metro tiles bathroom bright bathroom beautiful floor

White walls and gray floors are a good solution in the modern bathroom

metro tile bathroom small bathroom design
metro tiles bathroom combinations shapes colors
metro tile bathroom modern bathroom design large floor tiles
metro tiles bathroom modern bathroom color contrasts

Refresh the white wall design with matching accessories

metro tile bathroom modern wall design carpet runner
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metro tiles bathroom nice flooring
metro tile bathroom stylish wall design large floor tiles

Cleverly combine horizontally and vertically laid wall tiles

metro tiles bathroom horizontal vertical white black
metro tiles bathroom white tile dark joints
metro tiles bathroom white tile yellow accents
metro tiles bathroom white tile wooden floor bathtub

White tiles with gray joints are particularly popular combination in the bathroom

metro tiles bathroom white walls light gray floor
metro tile bathroom white walls wall lamps bathtub
metro tiles bathroom white wall tiles bathtub

Cozy bathroom with metro tiles

metro tiles bathroom white wall tiles green wall paint
metro tile bathroom white wall tile wood cabinet round wall mirror
metro tiles bathroom white wall tiles black floor tiles
metro tile bathroom white wall sconce wall sconces

Golden elements enhance the bathroom

metro tile bathroom white vanity carpet
metro tiles bathroom white bathroom black elements
subway tile bathroom black grout
metro tiles bath gray vertical
metro tile bathroom white bathroom design deco flowers
metro tile bathroom white wall design orchid
metro tiles bathroom brown wall tiles small bathroom

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