Plants In The Bathroom – The Best Tips For You

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

plant In the bathroom bathtub leaves skylight

What can you do? Provide a natural appearance, with a strong dose of green

This winter I noticed how stiff actually my bathroom looks. That was certainly in part also on white surfaces and the clear devices. I love the elegant look, but each time, if I want to contribute through a kind of decoration for more color in the bathroom, it looks somehow inappropriate.

Now that certainly authorize question: the plants in a bathroom will thrive because with low light and high humidity so? Certainly!

Although not everyone can create the beautiful green picture from the room down at home, but there are many other ways. [according to Eduarda Corrêa Arquitetura & Interiores]

So, which plants would be most suitable for the bathroom? Believe me: there are possibilities for any type of bathroom device, regardless of the conditions there.

Today, we will present a number of plants, which have the power to transform your room into a magical place.

The ideal places for plants in the bathroomPlants in the bathroom

plant In the bathroom tub sink

We start with the best agencies for the placement of plants in the bathroom. This could be for example the surface. What kind of Green would fit because this well? This depends on the amount of light. Aloe Vera is ideal for example for areas with very little light. You may also expose some herbs and species of orchids to such conditions. Ask the experts from the flower shop for other variants. [according to Hudson Street design]

Looking for another location for the plants in the bathroom? What’s next to the bathtub?  Anyone can create a place according to their ideas for the plant. [according to Leslie Harris interior design]

Some have built-in copper stand as shown in the picture here

tiles plant bath tub In the bathroom

Partly it is located behind a magnificent free-standing bath. A further plant located on the window sill and a shelf. In an atmosphere of staying in the bathroom is a pure pleasure of relaxation. Let us not forget that the plants have the ability to clean the air. [Image from Beauparlant design by John Heineman]

Below we see lush tropical greenery, which it has distributed strategically all over

stool wood plants In the bathroom bathtub

Notice how the green shades of plants bring out the greenish moments of the rear panel. [according to the Powell/Kleinschmidt Interior Architects]

In the next picture we see flower pots made of cast iron and delicate herbs on the both sides of the steps, which lead to the bathtub

plant In the bathroom tub flower pot

Do you want to achieve a look which is still charming as the tropical? Pull the Topiary into consideration! The bathroom down wonderfully exploited the cornices in the bathroom. So, it will highlight among other things also the window and their meaning. All together revolves around around the flower vase, which serves as a focal point! It’s a lively scene, can’t find you? [according to Lonny]

plant In the bathroom tub flooring tiles

Unexpected designs with plants in the bathroom

plants In the bathroom bathtub refined

We are you prove on the basis of some plants that you can attach also a plant cornices practically to all… Try to put plants in different places, even if they are not so fit at first glance. Again, we see the beautiful, form-cut green pieces window. For those of you who run the shower for a peculiar place for plants, I would say that it can prove the as the perfect place for moisture-loving plants.

Not much fresher works because the space? [according to Lonny]

The window is a very surprising for the positioning of plants. I love the unexpected technology on the image below. Are not the perfect place for green in a Moroccan-inspired room these patterned bowls? Distribute some decorative plants in small vessels in the area and you are incredibly beautify the style of the room. [according to Lonny

You have no room for plants?

dark tiles plant bath tub In the bathroom

Make it such. Integrate a small shelf, which can store lots of stuff and also plants. You can see below how beautiful it looks, in the picture. [according to Lonny]

You need a small shelf. This washroom is full of herbs, which always prove the ideal variant for the bathroom according to many users. [according to House to home]

Or you can simply place your plant in the sink

bathroom plant Chair throw pillows

A plant as a central piece in the bathroom

You can give the plants in the bathroom even more important than the accent pieces. Take these as central pieces at the facility in consideration.

Well, it may be that your bathroom doesn’t exactly look!

But you will be quite satisfied also with one-third of this result, or?

plant In the bathroom bath sink mirror

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