Rain Showers For The Special Shower Feeling

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Most avoid it rather, in the rain to get wet – but there is an exception: the pleasant, warm summer rain. The rain showers are modeled after him, representing the latest highlight in the bathroom. Who longs for a special shower feeling, which should opt for a luxurious rain shower.

Luxurious rain shower- © stefanocapra – Fotolia.com

Wellness in the bathroom: the benefits of rain showers

Have you ever experienced a rainstorm in summer, then you know how soft it feels the water on the skin. Rain showers promise just that feeling. Let the shower water, not hard and fast down roar, but the water dripping gently and evenly down. Softer water seems almost to massage the skin and invites you to relax in the shower. As flowing steadily and rather slow drops of rain, the shower water reaches the body. That hangs together with the construction of the rain shower. It has a flat, wide, large shower head, often square shaped. From him, clear water is distributed over a large area and no annoying splash or hard impact thanks to hundreds or thousands of jets. That has enveloped the advantage that it is wet not only on a body part, but it feels as if the entire body of a tropical rain shower was. It is possible to a natural feeling of shower and clean on the delicate nature and relaxing way.

Showers like in the great outdoors – these manufacturers make it possible

First, the tropical shower in the hotel industry established itself, but now, rain shower heads are available in the trade. As at traditional showers, there is a wide range in rain showers. Air is mixed in with some models, an LED light is integrated in other rain forest shower. Some versions are embedded directly in the bathroom ceiling, while other heads are located as high as possible and you can either buy a normal shower head to. Exclusive rain showers in XXL-design can be combined with speaker modules for an atmospheric sound the wellness shower.

Among the well-known manufacturers and brands for rain showers
Grohe (Leader and famous sanitary fittings manufacturer)
Hansgrohe Axor Shower Collection
Ideal standard

Modern bathroomfurnishings – © Andrey Volokhatiuk – Fotolia.com

What is to make sure when purchasing?

Focus on your design preference, the style of bathroom furnishings, and your needs. Although the products from well-known companies with high quality and comfort to convince, you should choose wisely. The cost factor is of course taken into account. In addition, it plays a role whether you own a small shower, a bath, or even a spacious Walk-In shower. The size of the shower head decides whether the whole body or only of the head-and-shoulder area is wetted. With a diameter of 50-60 cm, you really feel like at a summer or tropical rain shower. With air, particularly high-quality rain showers is worthwhile for customers with high demands. It is important to make the Bill without the increased water consumption. As regards the installation, she varies by model and bad. If on the wall, on the ceiling, whether flush or surface-mounted version, an expert knows what is important – you consult for planning your shower by specialists, such as BadDepot expertly, so that the rain shower full of pleasure!

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