Safety In The Bathroom: As Children Are Protected

3.15 million accidents resulting in injury is 2014 occurred in German households, so the statistics. Thus happen in private about three times more accidents than on work. Children are particularly at risk, because their risk awareness is still not very pronounced in the first years of life. Parents with children must pay attention to security in the budget. The bathroom is a special source of danger. But a few simple precautions help to make this area that infants and toddlers can easily unfold in the safe zone.


Households are particularly dangerous for children

Aged between 6 and 12 months, babies are starting to explore their surroundings groping and prepare for the running, by pulling himself up on furniture and other objects. To explore include that they all “be – access” want and insert all possible items in the mouth. While they place themselves automatically dangers. Up to the age of 6 years they can not exactly estimate risks of injury, which is why parents constantly must keep in principle in mind. However, you can simple measures to protect children and it gently introduce you to sources of danger in everyday life.

Whether apartment or House – at the choice of the premises must ensure families with children on space and security factors for their offspring. In the rooms the biggest dangers in drawers, sockets, sharp edges, steep stairs and smooth floors. These accidents may threaten by poisoning and burns when children have access to household chemicals. However, parents can meet but relatively easy first emergency preparedness – secure with a plastic protection for example open sockets, safely lock away cleaning agents and visibly keep emergency numbers close to the phone.

How to make the pool safe for children

The bathroom is a particularly sensitive area, because it is often even less protected by missing clothing. In addition, a special danger posed by electronic devices in the bathroom, since it can cause electric shock because the water sources easily. Therefore, special protection areas are in the bathroom. The establishment of the bathroom requires therefore a heightened security awareness. But even water, toiletries and cosmetics can endanger the health of children. First, parents should let infants and toddlers in the bathroom never out of sight, for infant and toddlers can drown even at low levels of water in the bathtub; Moisture and smooth surfaces ensure risk of falling. When purchasing a shower you should make sure for example to integrate a model with sufficient floor space to get out with a non-slip mat in the bath. So, falls on slippery surface can be avoided.

As soon as children are tall enough to reach faucets, also recommends a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water. This prevents that the child at the handle accidentally scalded to the tap. Fragrant, colored toiletries or cleaning products make often curious children. So they not take it in her mouth and swallow, they should be stored in lockable cabinets. Electrical appliances should not be kept on generally close by water courses such as sink or bathtub. If they are not in use, they should be unplugged and also kept at a safe distance from children, to prevent the risk of electric shock. With these simple methods, parents can provide for a harmonious, secure bathing environment, in which they and their children still feel comfortable.

Photo credits: Flickr having a Bath Michael Zahid CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved