Small Bathroom Set – Style And Innovation On Small Area

Spa zone in a set no bathroom? Is this mission impossible?

Whether small or large, the bathroom is one of the most important places in the modern home. There, we usually start our day and relax like at night, isn’t it? The bathroom must be functional. We should also have enough space for our beauty cosmetics and also plenty of space for the perfect relaxation.

No matter which area you have a bit of room for the Spa should remain in your bathroom also zone. Let’s together see what answers there are to this modern challenge.

New features and interior design concepts

With the new features come more and more furniture in the bathroom, which are traditionally associated with the bedroom or living room combined. In addition to the shower, increasingly placing a coffee table and comfortable sofas.

The styles standard for interior decoration are now recorded in the bathroom also. Interior design ideas in the retro example are becoming increasingly popular style. Especially in luxury apartments, we see Baroque frames, magnificent crystal chandeliers and other classical forms.

The cabinets with straight lines and very modern design are the most popular.

Small bathroom set – through innovation to more ergonomics

small bathroom set up modern shower glass shower panel

How do you shower – with dew or heavy rainfall?

The modern bathroom is a unique experience from the shower. You goes far beyond the cover of hygiene needs. Modern showers have many settings, between which one can select and change them often. The water can refresh you in the form of “gentle morning dew”.

You can continue to free from stress with a “heavy rain fall”. Treat to a massage with strong water flow or immerse it in a cloud of humidity.

The new smart showers offer you all of this. May they learn also about the current temperature. So you protect your skin from hot water.

A rain shower to your small bathroom

small bathroom set up rain shower duschsystem shower modern

Shower enclosures

The closed shower cabins have also undergone a revolution. If you want to make your modern bathroom with a shower stall, you can purchase them with modern extras. Modern shower enclosures offer steam bath, different Spa therapies, etc. on request and depending on the price range

Some regulate ventilation and even music are offered.

Also the open shower cabins are modern. Here, you can experience a feeling of openness.

Spice in addition with fresh complementary colors on

small Bath set shower panel duschsystem modern blue coral wall color


The baths are of course also a dream of all those who want to set up your small bathroom modern. Depending on the room, the bathtub can run in various forms. It can be free-standing, represent a built-in Panel, or have side shelf.

If you have little space, then you should choose the rectangular bathtubs. The shape of the ellipse is intended for wider bathrooms.

Ultra modern bathroom décor in black and white

small bathroom set bath oval innovative modern design

The bathtub with a door are modern. They are intended mainly for seniors or people, the difficulty of the movement.

Environmental protection

Luxury trends go hand in hand with environmental protection. This is an increasingly important priority for designers of modern bathroom facilities. The current solutions ensure that you long to enjoy the water and consumed at the same time as little water.

Until you so choose solutions in establishing the small bath modern spa, enjoy the shower every day with an absolutely pure conscience.

Straight lines and subtle shades

small bathroom set bath modern built-in shower

Delicate pastel colours for a comfortable bathing experience

small Bath set shower glass door shower modern

Modern design and fine marble look

small bathroom set up oval freestanding bath tub shower modern occasional tables shower

Country house style with an industrial flavour

small bathroom set up bathtub freestanding oval shape concrete wall bedroom bathroom

Oval free-standing bathtub and innovative design

small bathroom set bath free standing oval shower modern chrome

Vintage meets modern

small bathroom set up free standing vintage model raumtrenner glass

Match the design of the bath with this sink

small bathroom set up bathtub built-in washbasin cabinets TV

Neo-Baroque bath furnishing in white

small bathroom set bath raumtrenner glass neobarockstil

Innovative shower panel anthracite

small bathroom set bath oval form duschsystem innovation

Small bath with oval shapes set

small bathroom set bath form design oval sink

Built-in cabinets provide extra storage space

small bath tub oval free standing built-in shelves

Play with colors and textures!

small Bath set shower modern shower sliding glass doors

Minimalism in grey and white

small bathroom set up open shower shower tiles grey rain shower

State of the art shower systems transform your bathroom into a relaxing OASIS

small Bath set shower modern shower systems rain shower shower panels

Many of them are equipped with LED lighting

small bathroom set up innovative duschsystem led of lights shower panels

Or with a thermostat

small bathroom set up modern shower panels duschsystem thermostat

Room dividers made of glass provide more freedom in the bathroom

small Bath set shower open glass room divider round sink

small bathroom wall mirror shower shower panel basin floating

small Bath set shower schebender basin laminate

small bathroom set with duschkabinne glass doors rain shower-white floor tiles

small bathroom duschsystem shower panel gold

small bathroom set up built-in bathtub rectangular green pastellfarben wall paint

small bathroom set rectangular chrome rain shower glass doors

small Bath set shower shower panel duschsystem

small bathroom set up modern furniture shower sliding doors

small bathroom set up open shower purple pastel