Stylish Bathroom Decor – Modern Interpretation Of The Past

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neo-Baroque bathroom modern luxury free-standing bathtub

Achieve the best impression through the bathroom

What would you answer it spontaneously, if one would ask you now what you would like to change in your home? Would you think it in the bathroom? According to polls, many people determine this as especially important. More specifically, they want to have a larger bathroom. Also this can sign up seamless in the atmosphere. Also, the bathroom should be super organized, almost like a living room. You would have to have in addition also enough conveniences and comfort there.

Is this however also understandable, isn’t it? Ultimately, this is the place where you take care of pretty much the own health and beauty.

Retro meets industry

bathroom retro industrial style brick wall fittings

Characteristics of modern bathroom furnishings

The modified functionality and order in comparison to the previous examples is characteristic for the modern bathroom in the first place. If you would look not just on the bathroom faucet, you might think is sometimes that it is in other room. The most it has taken the living room ideas. The furniture includes often precious materials and in many cases also wood or veneer. Developed technologies it manages that these are not damaged by moisture absolutely easily.

Minimalism in high gloss

bathroom Bathroom furniture gloss black

Modern Feng Shui interpretation in the bathroom

bathroom design modern uniform wood white

Antique Asian cabinets use as a washhand basins

bathroom antique style retro vanity faucet

Solid wood and Bowl-shaped sink

bathroom wooden vanity Bowl-shaped sink

Consistent and visible

Many modern concepts for bathroom furnishings are dedicated, they are invisible and integrated as seamlessly into the ambience of the desire. The change reflected a less functionality and more in the design. So it’s an artistic search. No wonder that more and more talented designers devoted to this.

New technology and marble

bathroom retro look fittings marble modern design

Invisible meant that if you open the door, a smooth transition to the bath takes place. It will appear as an extension of the other space. Uniformity should be in it. No faucet and no form on the sink can be chosen randomly. Instead these should be dedicated under a single concept.

Schwellenloser transition creates unit

bathroom of antique Feng Shui seamless transition

A subtle Zen-feeling with waterfall bathroom faucet

bathroom Zen waterfall bathroom faucet

If you likes to read in the bathroom, then the magazines not somewhere lie in establishing modern. They should be positioned on a specially designed shelf or even in a type library. This would have to be no less demanding than the others in the living room.

Exciting faucet design

One has been attributed to a special meaning the faucet design in recent years among producers. It can observe there almost some kind of competition. Come from the always inventive examples. Perhaps it is because man has discovered how much the entire vision of the institution itself can change this. Here, you can also draw a parallel to the living room. Think of the design-decorative bowls and their fascinating effect there.

You can find many great examples of Philippe Starck.

The Axor mixer by Philippe Starck

Axor Philippe Starck bathroom

Organic form fitting by Philippe Starck

bathroom bath faucet organic form of Philippe Starck

Elegant and swinging

bathroom bath faucet Philippe Starck

Look also the series icon of company TEKA. It was created by the famous architect, Sara de la Mata. The series won the prestigious iPlus design award.

Icon black by TEKA

Icon Black bathroom company Teka faucet faucet

Icon in silver by TEKA

bathroom contemporary faucet icon Teka kitchen sink

There are many more, ravishingly beautiful examples. However, we would advise you like today more particularly brilliant on the series Grohe Allure.

Retro accents

You wonder if the retro trend is somehow counterproductive compared to the modern integrated and seamless appearance? This is not so, because it is here no literal imitation, but rather the interpretation of the past. In these forms and ideas that can be used perfectly in the new.

The legendary claw-foot bathtub

bathroom legendary claw foot bathtub freestanding

Modern interpretation of the past

bathroom retro modern interpretation shower

Typical example would be the collection of Ilbagno by Antonio Lupi design. From this brand, you have free-standing sink, whose design can be seen clearly and openly for example. Pay special attention there to the works of the designer Roberto Lazzeroni.

Retro bathroom faucets by Antonio Lupi design

bathroom bath taps Retro Antonio Lupi

Discreetly in black

bathroom Retro Look Antonio Lupi

Modern and retro hand in hand

bathroom modern retro-look faucets Antonio Lupi

Delicate symmetry in Il bagno Antonio Lupi design

bathroom Retro Antonio Lupi

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