Stylish Modern Bathroom By MoMA Design

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modern bathroom freestanding bathtub romance wood furnishings MoMA design

Modern bathroom by MoMA design

We are sure that all people in a great and clean living want to live on Freshideen. Everyone enjoys the time in a clean area. Yes, it can be too expensive. But surely the comfort you have inside, will be worth.

The company was founded in 2000 by Ingazio di Massi.

Moma Design is an Italian company which symbolizes the pure design in the bathroom and in the world of furniture as a whole. It’s an exclusive furniture manufacturer, what innovation and renewal combined. The goal here is to understand the typical Italian style in his sentence.

The result: For years, the company offers a range of highly respected products every day are distributed to the sales network.

Let us look together but the wonderful collection of MOMA Design ! Certainly, you will find there things that fascinate you.

Yes, we know that your gaze is been attracted by large paintings on the wall. Note also the bathtub and the side shelves.

Creative wall design in the bathroom

modern bathroom wall design Wall shelves freestanding bathtub MoMA design

We are simply fascinated by the elaborate appearance of this bath. Here, we mean the typographic wall art as well as the painting. Adding black stones ensures a subtle ZEN mood.

Typographic wall art

modern bathroom free standing bath shower wall design wood floor MoMA design

The shower area is really great. It is brought by them to another level of relaxation.

Modern bathroom design

modern bathroom freestanding bathtub wall shower MoMA design

The wall art here is minimalist in design, but still quite stylish. It looks perfect with a nice bathroom by MOMA Design.

Minimalist bathroom design

free-standing bath modern bathroom wall design concrete slabs flooring MoMA design

Here we see the dressing table of the bathroom. The combination of white and wood accents is simply gorgeous.

Modern bathroom facilities

modern bathroom freestanding bath partition MoMA design

Here we have still a bathroom to do, which is characterized by elegance and grandeur. The candles, which are all over the place, also contribute to this impression.

Warm atmosphere and comfort in the bath

ground level shower massage bed modern bathroom wooden tiles MoMA design

The romantic, modern bathroom here is characterized by the great upholstered furniture. Here you can just relax and dispel all the worries. The equipment of the room excludes great furniture in addition to the white bathtub. The glass wall provides the room with natural light.

Modern bathroom with romantic character

free-standing bath modern bathroom sofa MoMA design

This is art! You have a very creative painting, which is also embellished by elegant white glasses.

Works of art in the bathroom

modern bathroom Mural art wall painting concrete look MoMA design

If you are even in this bad, you will feel in the middle of the ocean.

Looking directly at the water through the glass wall here

modern bathroom furniture upholstered Chair sea glass walls MoMA design

In the bathroom, you also need storage space to keep everything in order!

freestanding bath modern bathroom floor cushions glass walls Seaview MoMA design

The blue in this room seems to come even more the beauty of the Lake. The white furniture here look ravishing!

Magnificent view from the modern bathroom

modern bathroom furniture shower glass walls Seaview MoMA design

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