The Right Bathroom Mirror: A Small Guide To Help You Make Your Purchase Decision

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

Bathroom without bathroom mirror? Unthinkable! Because modern bathroom mirrors are among the most important accessories of a stylish and practical bathroom. There are also some of the most commonly used items in our home at all. The smooth shave, the chic hairstyling when leaving or the perfect make-up for everyday life – everything works so much better in front of the right bathroom mirror. Not for nothing is the market offer of this essential product also huge. Since you are very quick on the purchase of the agony of choice and some tips, like these below, are always useful as an aid in the purchase decision.

The modern bathroom mirror – a real all-rounder without compromise

In the beginning we would like to say that we are not convinced of cheap goods. That’s why we recommend that you only use high-quality manufacturers for your bathroom furnishings. Are optimal Made in Germany Design products that can be purchased directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries and at fair prices.

In addition to first-class reflection and optimum precision, your bathroom mirror should still be made of the best materials and correspond to the German mirror shape. Size and shape are generally a matter of taste or depending on your own style. However, bathroom mirrors with a timeless, minimalist design in rectangular shape are the best choice in most cases. These are not only puristically beautiful and unobtrusive elegant, but they harmonize with almost all furnishing styles and visually expand even smaller bathrooms.

Badspiegel without lighting – the classic

A bathroom mirror without light, which renounces any frills, is considered by many to be classics. Very trendy and simply timeless are frameless models with highly polished mirror edges. Although such a bathroom mirror looks a bit withdrawn, it can work wonders with additional equipment. Not only can you conveniently place your cosmetic utensils or bath accessories on the mirror, but you can also choose a host of useful and innovative additional features that will make your bathroom mirror an indispensable aid in the bathroom in the mornings and evenings.

For example, you can opt for the so-called integrated mirror heating, which does not even give rise to the unwanted fog on the mirror surface when showering. A front socket for hair dryer and shaver, a small make-up mirror for the perfect facial care and make-up, a digital clock for stress-free planning and a Bluetooth receiver with structure-borne sound speakers for your favorite music in the bathroom are also among the most popular tools of optional equipment.

For a better side view, you can opt for a folding mirror in the bathroom. This has additional hinged side panels, which can be carried out on both sides as desired. Of course, if you want, you can also install a backlight behind the mirror.

Finally, a good bathroom mirror should have the right mirror thickness to be durable and durable in the bathroom. A high-quality crystal mirror glass with mirror thickness of six millimeters is an optimal choice. Depending on the additional equipment then the total depth is about 19-20 millimeters and more. Side panels made of stainless steel, chrome, aluminum etc. ensure an elegant holistic look of the bathroom mirror.

Bathroom mirror with LED lighting – the modern all-rounder

If you find a bathroom mirror without light just too short, then you need just one with light, more precisely with LED lighting. Usually, these bathroom mirrors have built-in light strips / fields of light that can be placed at the top, bottom, side or all around. If you do not like LED light bars, you can opt for a bathroom mirror with LED mirror light. Which is better? It’s a matter of taste and you should make the choice according to your personal needs and preferences.

Of more importance is the light itself. What color temperature should it have? One speaks also of light color. As you know, there are three of them: warm white, neutral white, daylight white (cold white). These are measured in calvin and have different effects on human well-being.

Warm light (under 3500 K) has a higher proportion of red light and has a relaxing and soothing effect. Therefore, warm white is best when it comes to a mood lighting in the bathroom, which creates a cozy atmosphere. Neutral white (from 4000 K) on the other hand is suitable for the general lighting in the bathroom, which is evenly distributed and ensures good visibility. And the light color daylight white with a color temperature of about 5700K and more is ideal for makeup, styling and shaving – the perfect functional lighting, which supports you in certain activities in front of the mirror well.

With a built-in dimmer in the bathroom mirror, you can then also adjust the different levels of brightness you need right now. The perfect bathroom mirror with LED lighting should, of course, be energy-efficient and splash-proof, do not dazzle and cast no shadows on your face.

Take a look at all these criteria carefully before making the right purchase decision and thereby ensure the perfect feel-good factor in your bathing oasis.


Your bathroom mirror with LED lighting is of course also online to order, including first-class, expert advice included. For this, you should opt for a well-proven, German manufacturer, who only offers the best to his customers. Using a practical mirror configurator, you can then create your bathroom mirror and any mirror generally custom-made, with a suitable additional equipment, simply by a few clicks on the Internet.

Start each day with refreshing clarity and good mood and end it in the evening in a relaxing atmosphere with a meditative bath. Thanks to your very own bathroom mirror as well as the successful interaction with lighting, bathroom furniture, tiles and wall colors, there is nothing standing in the way.

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