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Whether for furniture or in the area of ​​stylish floor coverings – wood simply does not go out of style. However beautiful as the natural product is, it is a sensitive material, which needs a special care. In case of area design offer you tiling Made of fine stone with wooden optics, also called wood tiles, a beautiful and, above all, significantly more robust alternative to conventional parquet or floorboards. We show how they even radiate the bathroom in new shine!

Durability meets design

The valuable panels are usually made of durable, water-repellent fine stone, an extremely compact, ceramic material, combining the robustness of the classic tile with the wonderful look of genuine wood grain, as it is only found in natural products. As a result, the tiles in wood optics lend the room a lot of warmth and create an atmosphere of well-being. Moreover, they are less susceptible to abrasion and are particularly easy to clean. Thanks to their robustness, they also tolerate heavy furniture as well as occasional moisture or moisture, without leaving any lasting traces visible. For this reason, the wood tile can be laid in many areas with intensive use.

Tiles in wood finishes modern bathroom design

Wide range of applications

Tiles in wood optics are available in natural, warm and natural colors, which create elegant effects. They provide wellbeing and harmony, and are particularly suitable in living spaces with higher demands than the ideal and long-lasting flooring. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity, the all-rounder are very well equipped with floor heating and can be used in the entire living area, in the kitchen or even on the terrace due to their water-repellent properties To be laid. Straight exterior, the tiles in wood optics prove to be resistant to scratches and show themselves less sensitive, even in changing weather conditions.

Wood optics in the bathroom?

But yes! Especially the domestic bathroom lend tiles in wood optics the charm of a real wooden floor. This is expressed in a wonderful way when an existing window provides a natural light. In the current model variety, you can choose between different color nuances from dark to light. Tiles in wood optics mimic the nature amazingly well so that the difference is barely visible with the naked eye. It is also possible to”reproduce”even noble and expensive types of wood such as mahogany or rosewood and immortalize it in the bathroom tiles. This enormously expands the design possibilities.

Bathroom ambience in light color wood-effect tiles

If the bathroom is very small, it should rather be worked with bright colors, such as those of the classic oak wood. This prevents the tile from dominating the already small space, indeed taking it completely into its own hands. Large, preferably long formats open up the possibility of stretching the bathroom at least visually and making it more inviting. This applies to the design of floors as well as walls.

Generously sized wet rooms can also benefit from the charm of the rustic style. It is also very important to lay the tiles in wood optics almost seamlessly and to choose the grout mortar exactly in the color of the respective model. Only in this way can an authentically effective surface arise.

Wooden flooring bathroom flooring

Bathroom tiles – the combination is important

The end result is, of course, dependent on the choice of the fittings, bathroom furniture and other bath accessories. Great optics are also created when playing with different color combinations. A beautifully tiled wall in wood optics fits, for example, well to a differently colored washing table area. Both discreet and peppy shades, which immediately bring a fresh note into the new bathroom, are suitable for this purpose.

For a dramatic appearance the connection of the wood look with black coloring elements can provide. This variant creates spaces full of elegance and depth. A black tiled shower cubicle area in combination with wood tiles in a shining version is especially aesthetically pleasing. But preface with the use of black tiles, since they swallow in small rooms because of the light properly and thus have an effect.

If you like it more harmonious or more natural and therefore more subtle, it is advisable to equip the walls as well as the floors with the same tile model. In combination with a minimalistic furnishing style, the bathroom is inviting and of high quality at the same time.

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